Fitness Certifications

While personal trainers tend to work closely with clients, often one on one, fitness instructors thrive in group class settings!

 Putting together group workouts and classes requires a high level of creativity and flexibility, as well as knowledge about many of the most popular group offerings such as bootcamp, step, muscle conditioning, interval, and circuit training. There are also more specialized classes that need experienced, insightful instructors, like those who lead groups in Pilates, yoga, aquatic exercises, kickboxing, stability ball training, indoor cycling, prenatal fitness, and youth fitness.

Enroll in a program and complete your online fitness certification in 6 months or less! Financing Available!

  • AFPA Fitness Youth Fitness Specialist Certification

    Youth Fitness Specialist Certification

    Go beyond exercise with a multidisciplinary approach to coaching and empowering youth. Learn the foundations of youth fitness education, instruct on proper strength and endurance training, and become a positive role model.
  • AFPA Fitness MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist Certification

    MS Fitness & Wellness Specialist Certification

    Gain the necessary exercise protocols and lifestyle recommendations to help clients with multiple sclerosis control their disease. Build safe, effective, high-quality exercise and nutrition programs to help MS clients achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • AFPA Fitness Pilates Instructor Mat Certification

    Pilates Fitness Instructor Certification

    MSRP: $599.00
    Teach Pilates at a world-class level. Discover the integrative fitness philosophy for developing core strength, losing weight, improving muscle tone and increasing mobility and effectively guide clients through this ultimate mind-body exercise.
  • AFPA Fitness Yoga Instructor Certification

    Yoga Instructor Certification

    MSRP: $599.00
    Build safe and challenging yoga sequences that incorporates linking breath with movement and meditation. Study classical Ashtanga and Hatha- helping students cultivate peace of mind and develop greater flexibility, strength and enhanced alignment.