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​What is Holistic Nutrition?

Posted by Amy L. Occhipinti, M.S. on

What does holistic nutrition mean?

Holistic means taking a whole body approach and finding balance in mind, body, and spirit. Taking that one step further, holistic nutrition involves finding the right foods that will serve all three parts. Good nutrition will help all of your systems function properly and keep you healthy. Many times illnesses are either created or made worse due to imbalances in the body, and proper nutrition will help reverse those problems.

Holistic nutrition goes one step further, by focusing on organic and local products that are eaten when they are in season, foregoing the processing that so often strips foods of nutrients and adds some frightening ingredients. Organic foods are also free of toxic pesticide and herbicide residues. By consuming nutrient-dense foods, you gain the added value of avoiding empty calories. Believe it or not, your body works better when you consume a diet with a variety of foods in it, and less so when you eat a set routine list of foods.

Why does holistic nutrition matter?

A proper diet helps give you good health, great brain function, and the fuel you need to tackle every day. There are toxins in the environment that good nutrition gives you the opportunity to overcome, and clean foods will also not cause additional issues your body has to resolve.

The nutrients that are in foods harvested locally and not shipped over long distances are much more numerous and better utilized than those found in supplements. They help provide consistent nutrition that fad diets never can. Fad diets often feature some crazy single food that is supposed to be a miracle cure, but fail to provide balanced nutrition and can leave you feeling hungry so you end up eating junk food to satisfy the cravings. Holistic nutrition does not come and go with trends, but rather gives you a much easier to follow life plan.

What does a holistic nutritionist do?

A holistic nutritionist is someone who understands both how foods help and what they mean for your unique health. They will analyze what nutritional deficiencies are in your current diet, and what it will take to bring your diet back in balance.

When creating a diet plan for you, your holistic nutritionist will also consider your own personal metabolism and ethnic heritage to ensure your diet is a perfect fit. Remember, your mind, body, and spirit all work as one, so your nutritionist will review all of this and craft the perfect diet for you.

Beyond that, a holistic nutritionist will help educate you on what foods you should avoid – and what habits you should eliminate – to improve your health and even eliminate disease. He or she will also give you preparation hints so you can preserve or enhance as many nutrients in the food as possible. If you are significantly deficient in some aspects, you may find that your nutritionist will recommend a supplement to take for a time.

Work closely with your nutritionist and follow his or her advice – you should soon start to feel better and have more energy. Your life will be better for it.

How do I become a Holistic Nutritionist?

There are several ways to get into holistic nutrition. You can enroll at a variety of higher education centers and obtain a certificate or even a masters’ degree. Once you pass the certification exam, you’ll be ready to help people find healthy alternatives to their current lifestyle.What does a holistic nutritionist do?A holistic nutritionist [...]

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