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Advanced Personal Training Certification

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Product Description

The AFPA Advanced Personal Training Certification course is full of valuable information about in-depth testing protocols, assessment techniques for muscular imbalances, and advanced programs for healthy clients, athletes and sporting activities. You will learn how to develop goal-oriented exercise programs for the de-conditioned, conditioned and athletic clients. AFPA Advanced Personal Trainer graduates have the educational tools necessary to take themselves to the next level in their career as a Personal Trainer. In order to participate in this advanced program, you must have a current certification as a Personal Trainer, or similar thereof.   

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course Topics Include, but Are Not Limited To: 

  • Learn how to test and build up the nine essential fitness components, including power, strength, speed, quickness, coordination, agility, flexibility, local muscular endurance, and cardiovascular aerobic capacity and endurance.
  • Discover the assessment tests to help find the imbalances in movement patterns. Sample corrective exercises are demonstrated to improve mobility and stability, as well as, and ways to integrate these exercises into a regular training program.
  • Learn how to expose and overcome weaknesses to form a foundation for long-term training gains.
  • Identify functional weaknesses and correct imbalances.
  • Learn how to refine specific movement skills such as jumping, kicking, cutting, and turning.
  • Tailor the training exercises and drills to the development of sport-specific performance factors.
  • Periodize training programs precisely for peak performance at critical points in the competitive season, and if necessary, use a safe and effective reconditioning regimen to bring a clients athlete back from injury.
  • Case Study Exercise Prescriptions
  • Advanced Training Strategies

New Updates!

  • New research substantiating the link between physical activity and disease risk
  • Expanded information on prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, and overweight and obesity, including updated statistics on the global prevalence of obesity
  • New dietary guidelines for Americans, including information on MyPlate
  • Inclusion of SCORE system to estimate 10-year risk of fatal cardiac event due to atherosclerosis
  • Expanded information on the use of technology to monitor physical activity
  • Updated information on the use of exergaming and social networking to promote physical activity and exercise
  • Additional OMNI pictorial scales for ratings of perceived exertion during exercise
  • Latest ACSM FITT-VP principle for designing aerobic exercise programs
  • Whole-body vibration as an adjunct to resistance training and flexibility training

Prerequisites for AFPA Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification:


  • Valid for 16.0 AFPA CECs

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course Contents:

  • All Learning Materials Included - Textbooks and Instructional DVDs
  • Test When You’re Ready – Complete examination anytime within 6 months from enrollment 
  • Study at Your Own Pace - Course Study Guidelines and Completion Schedule to stay on track 
  • Unlimited Student Support – Before, during and after enrollment 
  • No Added Fees - All materials and examination included 
  • Weekly AFPA eNews with latest health and fitness trends 
  • Member Discount Offers
  • No Travel Is Necessary

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the process of progressive muscular overload with application to athletes.
  • Demonstrate the differences between isometric and isokinetic resistance with application for sports.
  • Explain the endocrine system's response to resistance training.
  • Differentiate the cardio-vascular training effects and high intensity resistance training effects on over-all cardio-vascular health.
  • Interpret the physiological effects on the human body of aerobic, anaerobic and interval training.
  • Construct a periodization program to improve performance.
  • Design an exercise program based on the principals of specialization and lifting techniques.
  • Interpret the detraining phenomenon on both motor performance and strength loss.
  • Compare men's and women’s response to developing strength and power.
  • Demonstrate a safe and effective training program to improve overall power and strength.

Learning Format:

  • Comprehensive manuals, video lessons, and final exam. Submit exam by mail or email.   

Completion Time:

  • Self-study, self-paced, test when you are ready
  • After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Advanced Personal Trainer” on your certificate.

Exam Requirements:

  • Passing an online exam with 85% or higher.
  • Exam is based on the course materials. No added materials needed.
  • There are 200 multiple choice exam questions.
  • You will have up to 28 days to complete the online exam upon receipt of your testing link. 
  • Once you submit your examination for grading and pass, you will receive your grade and credentials immediately.
  • If you do not pass, there is a $75.00 retest fee. You will be allowed to retest within 24 business hours.

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