Personal Trainer Certification

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Voted a Top 10 Best Personal Trainer Certification; Learn how to develop strategic, science-based fitness programs and how to successfully motivate, educate and instruct various populations on reaching their goals.

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Become a Certified Personal Trainer in 6 Months or Less

Become industry recognized with AFPA and build the life-changing career you’re proud of.


  • 178.6 million people in the United States are obese. That’s more than 1 in 3 Americans.
  • The average personal trainer salary is $59,449 with 300,000 fitness trainer jobs forecasted in the U.S. by 2026.
  • A career as a personal trainer can be highly rewarding because you’re seeing results one workout and one client at a time.

Now is the perfect time to make your move! Enroll in AFPA's personal training course today.

What’s The AFPA Personal Trainer Program All About?

The AFPA Personal Trainer Certification program provides an unprecedented, evidence-based, professional training in Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Performance.

What’s It Like Being a Certified Personal Trainer?

As an AFPA Certified Fitness Trainer, you’ll have the confidence, resources, and industry-leading expertise to effectively:

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  • Employ the communication skills needed in personal fitness instruction
  • Apply the principles of exercise science, human anatomy, and biomechanics to movement design and exercise instruction
  • Name and describe exercise testing procedures to assess cardiorespiratory function, body composition, muscular fitness, and flexibility and give suggestions for improvement in these areas
  • Design educationally-based fitness programs to include cardiovascular training, resistance training, and flexibility programs
  • Demonstrate the proper usage of various commercial fitness machines and equipment, utilizing appropriate exercise guidelines and spotting techniques
  • Differentiate between appropriate exercise principles and practices for adults, children, and older populations
  • Discuss exercise testing and training modifications for special populations
  • Identify the business fundamentals of administration, marketing, and management in personal training
  • Operate as a personal trainer in the health and fitness industry and uphold the AFPA Code of Ethics


Join over 119,000 AFPA certified professionals worldwide.

With a 26-year legacy of accredited expertise, AFPA is a frontrunner in nutrition and wellness programs. We’re proud to offer the best variety of flexible, affordable, and accessible programs on the market.

Becoming an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer will allow you to use your expertise to motivate, educate, and instruct others to reach and exceed their fitness goals.

Why Become a Certified Personal Trainer Through AFPA?

AFPA's online Personal Trainer Certification program has been voted a Top 10 Best Personal Trainer Certification by both LiveStrong and Huffington Post.

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    Study Anywhere At Your Own Pace

    Enjoy the freedom to study on your own time from anywhere in the world.

    Study guidelines and schedules are provided to help keep you on track to complete the program within 6 months.

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    Affordable and Flexible Payment Options

    Get certified without breaking the bank.

    Our certifications cost significantly less than degree programs, so they’re affordable programs with minimum financial risk.

    Financing options are available for all AFPA certification programs.
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    Kickstart Your Career with Included Client Resources

    Support doesn’t stop once you’re certified.

    You get exclusive access to legal forms and paperwork, management client forms, worksheets and questionnaires, to ensure you have a solid foundation to start your career.

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    All Learning Materials Included

    Your tuition covers everything.

    Comprehensive Certification eBooks and/or Textbooks
    Online Video Lessons
    Study Assignments
    Online Final Exam

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    Business Resources Included

    Upon enrollment, we provide you with exclusive resources to help you establish, optimize, grow, and build your professional career.

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    Unlimited Student Support

    Call, email, or chat with our educational advisors as often as you need before, during, and even after enrollment.

AFPA is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in fitness, wellness, and nutrition education and certification.

Earning your AFPA Personal Trainer Certification online is the first step in gaining the knowledge to successfully train various populations,  as well as to gain professional recognition and financial rewards. You will learn all the important information necessary to get you started as a Certified Personal Trainer.

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What You’ll Get:

This personal training course has been developed by trusted, experienced professionals who are experts in their field.

You’ll gain access to an abundance of materials that will provide you with all of the knowledge, core skills, confidence, and tools that you'll need to begin your journey as a Certified Personal Trainer.

  • All course materials
    • eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
    • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • Online video library: 24 lessons
  • Online learning activities
  • Practice quizzes and self assessments
  • Online final exam
  • Includes blueprint for increasing your potential income:
    "How to Start a Successful Online Personal Trainer Business"
  • Descriptions and demonstrations of over 150 exercises
  • Anatomical guides
  • Ready-to-use exercise programs
  • Forms, worksheets, checklists and client questionnaires

A Look Inside The Curriculum:

Module 1:

Scientific Foundations of Physical Activity & Performance

Kick off with exploring functional anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to fitness performance, health, and longevity. You’ll also examine dietary intake and essential nutrients, energy requirements for activities, and physiology, including metabolic, cardiovascular, and respiratory responses to exercise as well as understanding muscle structure and function.

Module 2:

Fitness Assessment

Learn how to properly conduct an assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness and graded exercise tests to apply with future clients. You’ll assess body composition, muscular fitness, flexibility, range of motion, and spinal function and study the procedures for test exercises on different individuals.

Module 3:

Exercise Prescription for Health, Fitness, and Performance

You’ll cover how to accurately prescribe exercise for a variety of needs and desired results, such as managing weight, increasing muscular fitness, enhancing flexibility and low-back function, and training for performance and events.

Module 4:

Exercise Prescription for Special Populations

Discern how to scientifically measure fitness and prescribe appropriate exercise recommendations for children and youth, older adults, women, people with heart disease, obese and/or diabetic clients, and those living with pulmonary disease.

Module 5:

Comprehensive Exercise Program Considerations

Dive into all aspects of effective personal training coaching. Topics include:

  • How to assist in client behavioral change and enhance sustained motivation through health and fitness counseling
  • ECG and exercise performance
  • Preventing and treating injuries
Module 6:

Bodyweight Training Program Design

Begin developing programs that incorporate and/or isolate particular muscles. You’ll learn how to structure workouts for all major muscle groups, as well as design metabolic training programs such as HIIT and MRT that feature whole body exercises. As you plan out programs, you’ll discover how aspects such as structural balance, training goals, sport-specific training, strength hypertrophy body part specialization, fat-loss training, split, frequency, volume, and periodization all work together.

Module 7:

Muscle, Strength, Speed, and Performance Program Design

You’ll learn the key principles behind functional training and will be able to design programs that incorporate a wide-range of exercises. Topics include:

  • Types of resistance exercise, total-body power exercises, cross-body exercises, and compound and isolated exercises
  • Movement-speed and movement-strength training
  • Types of cardio conditioning and metabolic conditioning protocols
  • Upper body, lower body, and core exercises
  • Performance programming, muscle programming, and custom programming

As an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, you’ll graduate having world-class educational development, apt professionalism, and the confidence to effectively change lives through your leading-edge expertise in fitness and health.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the AFPA Certified Personal Trainer Program?

Typically, it takes 100 hours.

Completion time varies by individual, but most students can become a competent Certified Personal Trainer in less than six months when studying 7-10 hours a week.

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This Program Is Perfect For Anyone Who Is:

  • Just starting out in the health, fitness, or wellness industry
  • Passionate about healthy living and considering a career change
  • Looking to deepen their knowledge of fitness, anatomy, nutrition, and exercise
  • Entrepreneurially-spirited and interested in starting a business

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Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the Personal Trainer Certification program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
    Have a solid understanding of the English language.

Exam Requirements:

  • You need a minimum final exam grade of 85% to pass.
    A $75.00 retest fee will apply.

After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Personal Trainer.”