Yoga Instructor Certification

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Build safe and challenging yoga sequences that incorporates linking breath with movement and meditation. Study classical Ashtanga and Hatha- helping students cultivate peace of mind and develop greater flexibility, strength and enhanced alignment.

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Inspire Others to Tap into Mind-Body Connection, Improve Flexibility and Strength, and Dive Deeper into Their Yoga Practice

The AFPA Yoga Instructor Certification offers a well-rounded yoga education and the opportunity to profoundly enrich your practice and become a sought-after knowledgeable yoga instructor.

Yoga is taking the health and wellness scene by storm. It’s estimated that by 2020, yoga will be an 11 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone.

Whether you are a seasoned or beginner yoga practitioner, or curious about a new career path, our online Yoga Instructor Certification will help you hone your yoga teaching skills to sequence holistic, unforgettable experiences for every class you teach.

What’s It Like Being A Yoga Instructor?

To better understand the rewarding career of a yoga instructor, it’s helpful to define what the discipline of yoga is first. The word “yoga” can be translated as “union,” and yoga is a practice that seeks to create a union between the body and mind.

Through the practice of postures, or asanas, and proper breathing exercises, called pranayama, yoga instructors guide students toward developing greater flexibility, strength, and balance as well as cultivate peace of mind.


As an AFPA Certified Yoga Instructor, you can expect to:

  • Interpret the philosophical roots and diverse practices of the classical Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga traditions.
  • Develop interesting sequences of postures that link the body and breath.
  • Explain and apply basic principles of anatomy and physiology and how they relate to developing sequences of non-injurious poses for the good health of the students.
  • Guide students through a safe and challenging yoga class that incorporates linking breath with movement and meditation.
  • Offer verbal or hands-on adjustments to encourage proper alignment or enhance the student’s yoga abilities.
  • Become inspired to develop a yoga business, leading yoga workshops, retreats, and special events
  • Develop trust and rapport with students, deploying appropriate communication strategies and professionalism


Join over 119,000 AFPA certified professionals worldwide.

With a 26-year legacy of accredited expertise, AFPA is a frontrunner in health, holistic wellness and specialized fitness programs. We’re proud to offer the best variety of flexible, affordable and accessible programs on the market.
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    Study Anywhere At Your Own Pace

    Enjoy the freedom to study on your own time from anywhere in the world.

    Study guidelines, online workshop and class access, and schedules are provided to keep you on track. Take the test online when you’re ready!

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    Affordable and Flexible Payment Options

    Get certified without breaking the bank.

    Our certifications cost significantly less than degree programs, so they’re affordable programs with minimum financial risk.

    Financing options are available for all AFPA certification programs.
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    Kickstart Your Career with Included Client Resources

    Support doesn’t stop once you’re certified.

    You get exclusive access to online classes, yoga instructor forms, meditative script samples, lesson plans, sample classes, and bonus resources to ensure your success to start your career.

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    All Learning Materials Included

    Your tuition covers everything.

    Unlimited 3 month access to learn from hundreds of on-demand yoga classes & workshops. 

    Discover everything inside this program below.

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    Business Resources Included

    Upon enrollment, we provide you with exclusive access to resources to help you establish, optimize, grow, and build your holistic business.

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    Unlimited Student Support

    Call, email, or chat with our educational advisors as often as you need before, during, and even after enrollment.

The Yoga Instructor Certification Program Includes:

  • All course materials
    • 3 course textbooks
    • Unlimited 3 month access to learn from hundreds of on-demand yoga classes & workshops. 
    • Themed programs consisting of multiple classes designed to help you teach and reach your specific goals.
    • Details on instructing 69 foundational and advanced yoga postures (Over 300 Photos for detailed, easy-to-follow instruction)
    • Body-segment kinematics and muscle charts for each posture
    • An additional 75 instructional online video clips
  • Hands-on adjustments, modifications and postural enhancement guidelines
  • Study review
  • Final exam
  • Reproducible forms for instructors
  • Lesson plans and sample classes
  • Sample relaxation scripts
  • More resources for teaching yoga

What You Will Learn:

Deep dive into practicing your skills for teaching beginning to intermediate yoga fitness class in the three areas of pranayama (classical breathing practices), meditation, and asana (postures). You’ll graduate feeling prepared to confidently take on full or part-time positions as an AFPA Certified Yoga Instructor.

The AFPA Yoga Instructor Certification Online Curriculum includes (but is not limited to):

Understanding Yoga

  • Philosophy and history of yoga
  • Knowing yourself and your students
  • How to create a welcoming class environment
  • Exploring different yoga styles

Yoga Anatomy

  • Human skeletal anatomy as it relates to yoga practice
  • Key concepts of compression, tension, proportion and orientation
  • Exploring the different styles of yoga
  • Breathing and beyond
  • Energy and anatomy

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Yoga Postures

  • Asanas and adjustments
  • Sun salutations
  • Standing postures
  • Seated postures
  • Supine and prone postures
  • Inverted postures
  • Restorative postures
  • Structuring a class

“As a student looking to build on what I’ve learned over the years, this course was the perfect place to start. The books contain a lot of valuable info about the physical, mental, and energetic aspects of yoga, and the review questions and exam draw from what was learned in the reading, videos, and of course, personal practice. I especially enjoyed going to the classes in studio and observing different teaching methods. It really challenged me in a new way and broadened my awareness of myself and others! The customer service was amazing in their response time to answer whatever questions I had. So, if you're looking for an affordable class that is informative, thorough, convenient, and fun, you're in the right place, 5 stars!"

Elizabeth H.

Verified Buyer

Is This Program Right For Me?

Expect to transform your practice as well as your life with our yoga instructor training!

You know you’re in the right place if you:
  • Want to deepen your understanding of anatomical alignment as it relates to yoga poses and learn how to sequence effectively
  • Seek a fulfilling career or part-time job guiding students towards self-discovery and assisting them in cultivating balance on and off the yoga mat
  • Crave personal development opportunities. Whether you’d like to be more confident in public speaking or teaching, are looking to explore your spirituality, or become more disciplined in practicing mindful habits, the AFPA Yoga Instructor Certification is the clear choice.

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Do I Qualify?

To enroll in the Yoga Instructor Certification, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
    Have a solid understanding of the English language.

Exam Requirements:

  • You need a minimum final exam grade of 85% to pass.
    A $75.00 retest fee will apply.

After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Yoga Instructor” on your certificate.