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Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

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Product Description

8.0 CEC's / Book

Vegetarian and vegan athletes have special consideratins and challenges in meeting their nutrient needs, however with some planning, they can meet the demands that high-volume training and competition can make on their diet. 

Vegetarian meal plans have been used successfully in everything from bodybuilding to endurance sports. Every day more and more athletes—even those who are not full-time vegetarians—incorporate a plant-based diet when training or recovering from competition.  Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds — the mainstays of vegetarian and vegan diets — contain quality carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vegetable protein sources are also low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. Good protein sources for vegan athletes include quinoa, brown rice, protein-enriched pasta, nuts, tofu, soymilk, soy “cheese” and “yogurt,” tempeh, peanut butter, beans and peas.

You will learn the most recent evidence-based research, Vegetarian Sports Nutrition details performance and health benefits, including enhanced muscle recovery and optimal bone health. With tailored meal plans and training strategies, you will learn to make smart nutritional decisions and to properly fuel your body throughout your training regimen. 

You will discover a simplified process of determining energy, protein, vitamin, and mineral needs and monitoring carbohydrate and fat intake.
You will learn how to optimize a vegetarian & vegan diet for peak performance across all sports. 

Whether you are a dedicated vegetarian looking to add variety to your diet or an athlete searching for a competitive edge, Vegetarian Sports Nutrition will help you improve your health and performance!

Topics Include, but not limited to:

  • Gaining the Vegetarian Advantage 
  • Getting Adequate Calories From Plant Sources
  • Finding the Right Carbohydrate Mix
  • Choosing Smart Fat Over No Fat
  • Building Muscle Without Meat
  • Optimizing Bone Health
  • Boosting Iron Intake and Absorption
  • Breaking Free of Multivitamin Dependence
  • Prioritizing Eating Before, During, and After Events 
  • Choosing Whether to Supplement 
  • Reducing Muscle Cramps and Inflammation
  • Creating a Customized Meal Plan
  • Adapting the Plan to Manage Weight
  • Whipping Up Quick Vegetarian Meals and Snacks


“Finally, serious nutrition information for serious vegetarian athletes! Vegetarian Sports Nutritionprovides sound and accessible explanations on what vegetarians really need to consume.”

Shane Speer
Deputy Editor, Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Sports Nutrition delivers inspired, useful, and science-based information to make you a better, healthier athlete.”

Amby Burfoot
Executive Editor, Runner's World Marathon
Winner (and Vegetarian) 1968 Boston Marathon

Product Reviews

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  1. Invaluable Resource 5 star rating

    Posted by on

    Ideal for optimizing dietary intake. Sound and complete nutritional information for anyone considering, new to or already enjoying a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

  2. Great Intro for Athletes! 5 star rating

    Posted by on

    This book was a great read. There is so much information on how to achieve optimal nutrition without having to consume meat. There are a lot of charts and visual pictures to break up the text, and multiple formulas to make sure you are getting the right caloric intake per day depending on training and daily energy needs.

    I definitely would recommend this not just for athletes, but anyone who is interested in a plant-based diet and wants to achieve their fitness goals, no matter how light- or heavy-impact their training may be.

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