Treating Acne, Gout, Lupus, and Turmeric



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This two-hour online presentation features the discussion of topics related to holistic health and nutrition.  The holistic health nutrition presentation includes written transcripts for each topic as well as comprehensive linked references for further research.

Holistic Nutrition Topics covered:

  • Treating Acne with Barberries
  • How to Counter Inflammation of Aging
  • Sodium Skeptics Shake Up the Salt Debate
  • Treating Infant Colic with Mom’s Diet
  • Using Produce to Boost Immune Function
  • Paleopoo: Learning from Fossilized Feces
  • Are Happier People Actually Healthier?
  • Which Foods Increase Happiness?
  • Preventing Gout Attacks with Diet
  • Fennel Seeds for Athletic Performance
  • Reversing Diabetes with Surgery
  • Reversing Diabetes with Food
  • Diabetes Reversal: Is It Calories or Food
  • EPA and DHA Omega-3’s for Our Heart?
  • Garlic & Onions for Platelet Suppression
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Metals
  • Effect of Sucralose on the Microbiome
  • The Palatability of Cancer Prevention
  • Do Raisins Cause Cavities?
  • Fighting Lupus with Turmeric
  • Tea and Artery Function
  • Plant-Based Diets and Artery Function
  • Plant-Based Treatments for Angina
  • Almonds for Osteoporosis
  • How to Regenerate Coenzyme 10

Expanded Discussion Topics:

  • Almonds for Osteoporosis  
    Currently, an estimated ten million Americans suffer from osteoporosis, causing more than a million fractures, including hundreds of thousands of hip fractures, a common reason people end up in nursing homes. Many older women say they’d rather be dead than break their hip and end up in a home.

  • The Palatability of Cancer Prevention  
    The most extensive report on diet and cancer in history is constantly being updated with all the new research. In their update on colorectal cancer a few years ago, they implicated various meats including processed meat as a highly convincing cause of colorectal cancer. More recently, processed meat was confirmed as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. 

  • Alzheimer’s Disease, Copper, and Saturated Fat  
    Though the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease has yet to be found, there is an increasing burden of proof on the role of metals in the development of the disease. Iron and copper, for example, are strongly concentrated within the plaques and tangles that represent the hallmarks of the Alzheimer’s brain.

  • How to Counter the Inflammation of Aging  
    One of the most recognized consequences of aging is a decline in immune function, illustrated by vulnerability to dying from the flu and poor response to vaccinations. But, about 20 years ago, a paper was published showing that the immune cells of 80-year-olds produced significantly more pro-inflammatory signals, suggesting the worst of both worlds: a decline in the part of the immune system that fights specific infections and an aggravation of nonspecific overreactions that can lead to inflammation.