The Science of Anti-Nutrients in Food



8.0 CEC’s / Webinar & Narrative Review / Quiz

In the course The Science of Anti-Nutrients in Food, you will learn how all nutrients from food play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of a number of different vital bodily functions. For most people, eating a colorful, whole-foods based diet is sufficient enough to provide an adequate supply of these nutrients to both promote and optimize health. But in some cases, these very same nutrients that are usually beneficial to our body (all of which are quite common) can be detrimental.

These nutrients are called anti-nutrients. And if you are a nutrition, health, or wellness professional who regularly provides coaching, counseling, or guidance to clients who regularly consume plant-based foods and have chronic or autoimmune disease, you need to be aware of how anti-nutrients may be impacting your clients.

In The Science of Anti-Nutrients in Food, a continuing education course designed for health, wellness, and nutrition professionals, you will:

  • Explore fundamental scientific evidence behind the six primary anti-nutrients: lectins, oxalates, phytates, goitrogens, phytoestrogens, and tannins.
  • Learn about the most common sources of anti-nutrients and their mechanisms of action in a human diet.
  • Discover cooking and preparation strategies for reducing and increasing anti-nutrient content in foods.
  • Gain practical knowledge about how to help challenging clients avoid anti-nutrients.
  • Understand the importance and priority of anti-nutrient avoidance or limitation in special populations and healthy people.
  • Acknowledge the uncertainty of the existing body of evidence surrounding anti-nutrients.