The Business of Personal Training



16 CEC's / eBook / Quiz
From marketing and sales to budgets, staffing and clientele issues there is much to consider when running your own Personal Trainer business. Getting it right takes time—time that you would probably rather spend improving your clients’ fitness and wellness. With The Business of Personal Training, you will learn the valuable skills you’ll need to start, build, and grow your business. Whether you are a personal trainer working for a fitness facility, an independent contractor, or the owner of a personal training business, you will benefit from the practical business guidelines and tools presented in this book.

First you learn the various roles open to you and the expectations in each. Second, you learn the key business concepts designed to grow your business. You’ll learn how to structure your business, plan for startup expenses and financing, and get the right staff in place. You’ll find critical information on marketing and promoting the services you offer, effectively selling and generating revenue, driving referral business and customer loyalty, and expanding and diversifying your business.

In The Business of Personal Training, you will receive the following sample templates and forms:

  • Nine business plan templates: cover letter, executive summary, business or company description, market analysis and demographics, competitive analysis, management plan, financial plan, capital required, and marketing plan
  • Seven personal trainer–client forms: PAR-Q+, personal wellness profile, physician’s clearance, informed consent and release, assessment recording form, cleaning checklist, and facility and equipment maintenance log
As an added bonus, a companion web resource provides the templates and forms in an electronic format so you can customize them as needed.
A third appendix provides a list of business resources.

There is no need to be overwhelmed with all that goes into running your personal training business successfully. The Business of Personal Training is a comprehensive, digestible, and applicable resource that will take your business to the next level, giving you more time for what’s most important.

Chapter 1. Discovering Your Purpose and the Scope of What You Can Do 
Chapter 2. Choosing to Be a Personal Trainer for a Fitness Facility
Chapter 3. Choosing to Be a Self-Employed Personal Trainer
Chapter 4. Choosing to Be a Personal Trainer and Facility Owner
Chapter 5. Creating a Business Plan
Chapter 6. Determining Your Business Structure
Chapter 7. Screening and Hiring Your Staff
Chapter 8. Obtaining the Right Insurance
Chapter 9. Determining Your Offerings and Their Pricing
Chapter 10. Developing Forms and Contracts
Chapter 11. Becoming Financially Profitable 
Chapter 12. Marketing Your Services and Your Business
Chapter 13. Learning the Art of Selling
Chapter 14. Communicating With Clients, Businesses, and the Community
Chapter 15. Identifying Options for Outsourcing Your Tasks
Chapter 16. Growing Your Business

Appendix A. Business Plan Templates

  • Cover Letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Business or Company Description
  • Market Analysis and Demographics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Management Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Capital Required
  • Marketing Plan
Appendix B. Personal Trainer–Client Forms

  • PAR-Q+
  • Personal Wellness Profile
  • Physician’s Clearance
  • Informed Consent and Release
  • Assessment Recording Form
  • Cleaning Checklist for Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
  • Facility and Equipment Maintenance Log