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Become the key that allows athletes to unlock their next level

When you become an AFPA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, you get to be an essential part of the journey that helps athletes perform their best.

The Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification program includes the Personal Trainer Certification program and the Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification program.

The Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification program will provide you with advanced education on evidence-based personal training, resistance training, custom program design, conditioning, optimal performance, and nutrition essentials.

Empower athletes and enrich your fascination for human performance by becoming an AFPA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach!

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What can I do as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach?


Get all the tools to create and employ personalized training programs for individual athletes, sports teams, special populations, and even professional athletic teams.

As an AFPA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, you’ll have the expertise to successfully:

    • Utilize practical communication methods to execute safe, effective, and reasonable training programs that enhance athletic ability
    • Design and demonstrate science-based resistance training techniques and explain their application in multiple sports and activities
  • Connect the principles of exercise science, human anatomy, and biomechanics to movement design
  • Provide recommendations for improvement based on your assessment of the athlete's body composition, cardiorespiratory function, muscular fitness, and flexibility
  • Adapt training programs and create modifications to satisfy the requirements of special populations
  • Execute scientifically-backed strength-building exercise programs that include cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility training
  • Examine the effects of cardiovascular training and high-intensity resistance on overall cardiovascular health
  • Discover the connection linking physiological effects on the human body with using supersets, giant sets, and tri-setting
  • Display the correct usage of commercial fitness machines and equipment while employing suitable exercise guidelines and spotting techniques
  • Operate your coaching practice with business fundamentals, including administration, marketing, management, and the AFPA Code of Ethics
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The Complete Package for Strength & Conditioning Coaching

The AFPA Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification combines the Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification and the Personal Trainer Certification.

The AFPA Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification program provides exceptional education on resistance training, custom program design, and conditioning systems for optimal athletic performance.

You'll discover:

  • Efficient strength training techniques for the upper, lower, and core sections of the body
  • Safe and effective personalized training programs for men, women, children, and the elderly
  • Strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all types for different kinds of sports
  • How to select the appropriate training methods to get your client desired results based on their ability
  • The basic structure of resistance training programs based on one's physiology
  • Multiple resistance training systems, techniques, and proven training methods and practice developing effective conditioning programs
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The AFPA Personal Trainer Certification program provided you with education and skills you'll need to effectively change lives through your science-based expertise in fitness, health, nutrition, and performance.

You'll discover:

  • Communication skills that will help you carry out personal fitness instruction effectively
  • The principles of human anatomy, exercise science, and biomechanics as it relates to movement design
  • Implementation of various exercise testing procedures to assess cardiorespiratory function, body composition, flexibility, and muscular fitness
  • The proper usage of different commercial fitness machines while following the appropriate exercise guidelines and spotting techniques
  • Training modifications for special populations and how to distinguish appropriate exercise practices for adults, children, and older populations
  • Business fundamentals such as administration, marketing, and business management as it relates to personal training
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As Seen in These Great Publications

What I loved most about getting certified with AFPA is that it really opened the opportunities for my long career, and it gave me direction.


Tyler Kalisiak Strength and Conditioning Certification, Sports Nutrition Certification


Accreditation & Continuing Education You Can Count On

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Why become a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

  • Take Control of Your Career — With this certification, you can opt to start your own business or work in health institutions or corporate settings. What's more, inside you'll get access to our business resources to help you kick-start and grow your career.
  • Create a Lasting Impact Through Your Work — Once enrolled, you get to apply evidence-based research to impact your clients' overall athletic performance. You get to help clients break past their limits, build up their strength, and transform the way they perform.
  • Highly Advanced and Science-based Training — With 27+ years certifying over 130,000+ professionals across 140+ countries along with many national and international accreditations, AFPA is the top choice among coaches in the health and fitness industry.
  • Flexible Payment Options to Fit Your Needs — We've got different payment plans that are secure and easy on your wallet. You can choose from making payments over three, six, or twelve months. What's more, you get instant approval when you apply.
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Two leading programs, one outstanding certification

Get a world-class education without ever breaking the bank. Our Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification is a comprehensive program that combines two of our most exceptional certifications in one.

Here's a peek of what you'll receive:

Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification Program

  • All course materials
  • Digital eBook or physical textbook based on your learning preference
  • Online learning assessments and video lessons
  • New guides on incorporating popular training systems
  • 80 exercises that cause the greatest stimulation in the muscles
  • Case studies with examples of exercise prescription design in real-life situations involving wrestling, personal fitness, volleyball, and much more
  • Online labs and interactive training activities
  • Online final exam

Personal Trainer Certification

  • All course materials
  • eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
  • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • Online video library: 24 lessons
  • Online learning activities
  • Descriptions and demonstrations of over 150 exercises, anatomical guides, and ready-to-use exercise programs
  • Forms, worksheets, checklists, and client questionnaires
  • Online final exam

It's time to reach your full potential as you help athletes reach theirs.

Here's your chance to work in an exciting career that never becomes stale. You're always pushing forward, aiming for progress, and helping your clients get to the next level.

With your AFPA certification, not only are you getting a headstart, you're staying on top of the game.