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Sports Nutrition Certification

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The AFPA Sports Nutrition Certification course is perfect for nutrition coaching consultants, personal trainers, strength trainers, group fitness instructors, athletes of all levels and all associated health practitioners and enthusiasts! The optimum way for you or your clients to get the most out of their workouts and feel their best is to develop an energizing, performance-enhancing nutrition plan, tailored to their body's specific needs. Do that, and they're on track to achieve the higher level of fitness and better overall health that they crave and you receive the recognition of being a superb trainer. Learn how to enhance your client's workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals! All course materials and certification examination included.

Select Your Delivery Method:

  • 100% Digital Access - Digital Access to the full, mobile-ready interactive eBook with interactive tools, workbook and student practice assessments. Online course activities and online final exam.
  • Digital Access + Textbook - Digital Access as noted above, plus a print version of the textbook for this course available for students.


Sports Nutritionist Certification Course Includes:

  • Study at Your Own Pace - Course Study Guidelines and Completion Schedule to stay on track
  • Test When You’re Ready – Complete examination anytime within 6 months from enrollment
  • Online Test - Submit your assignments and final examination online and receive your results immediately!
  • All Learning Materials - eBook and/or textbook & online instructional materials
  • Worksheets and Questionnaires to document and assess counseling sessions
  • Practice self assessments to test progress for each chapter
  • Student Online Workbook, web links, interactive flashcards and case studies
  • Unlimited Student Support – Before, during and after enrollment
  • No Added Fees - All materials and examination included
  • No Travel Necessary

The Role of an AFPA Certified Sports Nutritionist:

  • Assists clients in healthy eating habits and meeting their athletic and sports performance goals.
  • Offer a sound performance nutritional plan.
  • Advise and present a balanced nutritional strategy that leads to optimal performance.
  • Effective in discussing pros and cons of supplementation and optimal performance meal plans.
  • Offer nutritional plans for specific athletic or sports events and training.

Sports Nutritionist Certification Course Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the effects of eating disorders on sports performance, including bulimia and anorexia.
  • Examine the general principals of nutrition, including the importance of fat in the diet.
  • Assist athletes in understanding the importance of meal timing for optimal performance results.
  • Administer a safe, effective and reasonable weight loss program for athletes who cut weight, like wrestlers, gymnasts, weight lifters, and bodybuilders.
  • Examine the psychological link that exists between individuals and eating disorders.
  • Describe the recommendations for micronutrient intake in athletes based on the current research.
  • Differentiate between healthy carbohydrates and unhealthy carbohydrates.
  • Construct an eating plan to assist a client to lose body fat, while minimizing the loss of lean body mass.
  • Interpret the relationship between nutrition and immune function in athletes.
  • Design consent, disclaimer and disclosure statements between clients and consultant.

Sports Nutritionist Certification Topics Include, but Are Not Limited To:

  • Dietary patterns that maximize performance and prevent disease for improved health
  • Research advancements in ergogenic aids
  • Sample eating plans that show you how to fuel for specific workouts
  • Eating well before games or tournaments and refueling afterward for optimal recovery
  • Decipher current food, diet, and supplement options and understand which are best and why
  • How to overcome food and weight obsessions
  • How to lose undesired body fat while maintaining energy for exercise
  • Strategies to boost energy, reduce stress, control weight, improve health and enhance workouts
  • Introduction to Nutrition for Exercise and Health
  • Carbohydrates As a Fuel for Exercise
  • Fat As Fuel for Exercise
  • Protein and Exercise
  • Energy and Nutrient Balance
  • Achieving Healthy Body Weight
  • Body Composition
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  • B-complex Vitamins Important in Energy Metabolism
  • Antioxidant Nutrients
  • Minerals and Exercise
  • Micronutrients Important in Blood Formation
  • Nutrients for Bone Health
  • Nutrition and Fitness Assessment
  • Nutrition and the Active Female
  • Ergogenic Substances: Evaluating Sport Nutrition Products
  • Nutrition Consultation with Athletes
  • Weight Management for Endurance and Ultra-endurance Athletes
  • Strength/Power Athletes
  • Team Sport Athletes
  • Special Populations
  • Jobs in Sports Nutrition
  • You Are the Nutrition Coach – Answers
  • The Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Major Metabolic Pathways Calculations and Conversions
  • Growth and Body Mass Index Charts

Added Features:

  • Includes the newly released MyPlate
  • New calcium and Vitamin D recommendations
  • New World Anti-Doping Code and Prohibited Substances List
  • More meal planning and snack ideas throughout the book
  • Nutritional analyses for all recipes in the book
  • Updated research covering carbohydrate intake and performance
  • Updated sport beverage comparison chart with new products
  • Expanded section on weight gain including meal plans
  • Updated information on the Health Claims and Nutrient Content Claims

Learning Format:

  • Comprehensive manual, chapter PowerPoint presentations, and online support material and self-assessment activities. 

Completion Time:

  • Self-paced, self-study, complete your course within 6 months or less 
  • After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Sports Nutritionist”

Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Desire to help others in obtaining their nutritional and sports performance goals

Exam Requirements:  

  • Passing an online exam with 85% or higher.
  • Exam is based on the course materials.  No added materials needed.
  • There are 300 multiple choice/true/false exam questions.
  • The examination must be completed within 28 days of receipt of your testing link.
  • Once you submit your examination for grading and pass, you will receive your grade and credentials immediately.
  • If you do not pass there is a $75.00 retest fee.  You will be allowed to retest within 24 business hours.

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