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Senior Nutrition Specialist Certification

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Product Description

The Senior Nutrition Specialist Certification course teaches the fundamentals of nutrition as they apply to older adults, including comprehensive information on physiologic changes with aging, malnutrition, disease states and their nutritional implications, pharmacology, health services, and nutrition support.  

The course covers important topics such as the physiological changes of aging, weight and nutrition problems in older adults, diet and cultural diversity in older adults, macronutrient, mineral, and vitamin requirements for older adults, and much more. With an added emphasis on health promotion as an essential resource for students in the fields of nutrition, nursing, public health and gerontology.

The course content is updated to reflect Healthy People 2020, MyPlate for Older Americans, and current Dietary Guidelines. You will learn about the changes that commonly occur naturally with aging and learn how disease is not a natural consequence of growing old. You will also learn about the diseases that occur often in older adults and how nutritional elements may contribute to the problems or are part of the solution to the problems.

Senior Nutrition Specialist Certification Course Includes:

  • All Learning Materials - certification textbook & companion ebook, downloadable PDF's & online testing
  • Digital ebook for online/offline learning, practice activities, self assessment quizzes & analytics to determine where to focus your study time
  • Online Testing – Immediate results and credential (Mail in option also available - must indicate in NOTES Section of order)
  • Test When You’re Ready – Complete examination anytime within 6 months from enrollment
  • Study at Your Own Pace - Course Study Guidelines and Completion Schedule to stay on track
  • Unlimited Student Support – Before, during and after enrollment
  • No Added Fees - All materials and examination included
  • No Travel Necessary

Senior Nutrition Specialist Certification Course Learning Objectives:

  • Identify nutrition related challenges facing the aging population
  • Identify nutritional recommendations for older adults based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Healthy People 2020
  • Describe the key changes that occur with age in each body system
  • Identify factors that contribute to changes in body composition with age
  • Explain the diet-related risk factors for cardiovascular disease in older adults
  • Describe how dietary interventions can slow aging and the progression of disease
  • Describe the different dietary recommendations for older adults
  • Discuss the changes in energy needs that occur with advancing age
  • List the nutritional and lifestyle factors that contribute to nutrition recommendations in older adults
  • Explain how age-related changes in metabolism and health affect requirements for carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fluids
  • Describe the role of individual vitamins in health promotion and disease prevention
  • Describe the functions of minerals and special considerations for their requirements in aging
  • Describe how optimal nutrition promotes healthy aging
  • Describe the importance of exercise for older adults
  • List the guidelines for physical activity and exercise in older adults
  • Describe gastrointestinal issues that are common among older adults
  • Describe the pathophysiology and etiology of major cardiovascular conditions in older adults
  • Describe the role of nutritional, physical activity, and lifestyle management in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Describe age-related neurologic problems that affect the older adult’s health and well-being
  • Review the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and medical nutrition therapy
  • Identify risk factors for the development of skeletal disease in older adults
  • State the role of nutrition in skeletal health prevention and promotion
  • Discuss the importance of weight management in the older adult
  • Explain the factors associated with weight loss in the older adult
  • Review the physiologic changes that occur with aging that influence the pharmacokinetic effects of medications
  • Review the general effects medications have on the body systems, including the gastrointestinal system

Senior Nutrition Specialist Certification Course Topics:

  • Demographics of Aging
  • The Physiology of Aging
  • Changes in Body Composition
  • Energy Needs for the Older Adult & Senior
  • Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Respiratory Changes
  • Nutrition and Skeletal Health, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Gout
  • Immune System, Nervous System, Endocrine System Changes
  • Macronutrient & Fluid Recommendations for Older Adults
  • Nutrition Recommendations - Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates
  • Digestion and Absorption Changes
  • Vitamin & Mineral Requirements, Absorption, Function, Recommendations
  • Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Older Adults and Seniors
  • Cultural Appropriate Programs for Older Adults and Seniors
  • Physical Activity and Exercise Guidelines for Older Adults and Seniors
  • Nutritional Assessment & Screening Methods and Tools
  • Steps in Nutritional Assessment & Screening, Evaluation and Analysis
  • Physical Disabilities, Functional and Mental Status
  • Nutritional Implications of Disease and Conditions - Gastrointestinal Disorders, Cardiovascular, Respiratory 
  • Nutritional Implications of Disease and Conditions - Renal, Metabolic, Endocrine, Thyroid, Cognitive
  • Nutritional Implications of Malnutrition and Obesity
  • Medications and the effects on the older adult, and food interactions
  • Use of Complimentary and Alternative Medicines
  • Ethics and Nutrition Support

The role of an AFPA Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist:

  • Assists & educates older adults and senior clients on the highest quality nutritional care to promote healthy lives & eating habits 
  • A Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist offers a sound nutritional plan that helps to avoid disease 
  • A Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist should advise and present a balanced nutritional strategy that leads to optimal health & physical performance
  • A Senior Nutrition Specialist offers nutritional expertise for weight maintenance goals, weight loss or weight gain goals
  • A Senior Nutrition Specialist teaches older adults and those interested about the nutritional connections to the diseases and disorders common in this population

Completion Time:

  • Self-paced, self-study, complete your course within 6 months or less 
  • After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist ”

Requirements for enrollment:

Exam Requirement:  

  • Passing an online exam with 85% or higher.
  • Exam is based on the course materials.  No added materials needed.
  • There are 280 exam questions.
  • The examination must be completed within 28 days of being provided your testing link.
  • Once you submit your examination for grading and pass, you will receive your grade and credentials immediately.
  • If you do not pass there is a $75.00 retest fee.  You will be allowed to retest within 24 business hours.

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