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Senior Fitness Specialist Certification

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Start a new exciting career as a Senior Fitness Specialist by providing specialized training for senior adults ranging from healthy active individuals to those with chronic conditions!

The AFPA Senior Fitness Specialist Certification course will provide an educational experience for those who are considering working with (or currently working with) older adults. The course shows how to design and implement programs that are sensitive to the physical needs of the senior population. Other topics include: exercise physiology and the aging systems, conditions requiring special considerations, land exercise and how to manage a fitness program for older adults.

AFPA Certified Senior Fitness Specialist graduates can start a personal training business of their own, that targets working with seniors, from their home, training clients in the client’s own home gyms, and working at community recreation centers, hospital fitness facilities, universities and local colleges, heath clubs, gyms and YMCAs.

Senior Fitness Specialist Certification Course Learning Objectives:

  • Identify factors that influence physical activity participation among older adults, including barriers, motivators, regular involvement in physical activity, and behavior modification.
  • Illustrate how to conduct an in-depth health history interview that yields important information in the development of a safe and effective exercise program.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms associated with medication-related negative interactions during physical activity and refer back to the health professional.
  • Design exercise programs for preventive health for seniors.
  • Develop and implement land- and water-based exercise programs for older adults.
  • Examine the profession as a potential career choice with the optional field internship experience.
  • Prepare to work as a fitness trainer or facility manager/owner in the older adult market.
  • Create a community-based senior fitness program.

Topics Covered in the Senior Fitness Specialist Certification Course:

  • Overview of Aging and Physical Activity
  • Demographics of Older Adults
  • Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Predictors of Successful Aging
  • Biological Theories of Aging
  • Psychological and Sociocultural Aspects of Physical Activity for Older Adults
  • Physiological Aspects of Aging
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Function
  • Muscle Function
  • Joint Mobility
  • Bone Mass
  • Neurological Function
  • Preexercise Screening
  • Screening Steps
  • Additional Screening Tools
  • Functional Fitness Framework
  • Guidelines for Group Testing
  • Interpreting Test Results
  • Laboratory-Based Physiological Assessment of Older Adults
  • Balance
  • Goal Setting and Behavioral Management
  • Factors Influencing Older Adults’ Exercise Participation
  • Strategies for Behavioral Change
  • Implications for Program Design and Management
  • A New Approach to Designing Exercise Programs for Older Adults
  • Optimizing Physical Function Through Exercise
  • Exercise Variables and Principles for Program Design
  • Developing the Warm-up
  • Developing the Cool-down
  • Age-Associated Changes in Flexibility
  • Types of Stretching Techniques
  • Incorporating Flexibility Training into the Exercise Program
  • Examples of Flexibility Exercises
  • Benefits of Resistance Training
  • Principles of Resistance Training
  • Training Components and Variables
  • Resistance Training for Older Adults
  • Benefits of Aerobic Endurance Training for Older Adults
  • Principles and Considerations for Aerobic Endurance Training
  • Variables for Aerobic Endurance Training
  • Types of Aerobic Exercises
  • Training Precautions
  • Implications for Program Design and Management
  • Age-Associated Changes in Balance and Mobility
  • Balance and Mobility Exercises
  • Manipulating the Challenge in a Group Setting
  • Mind-Body Exercise Training
  • Mind-Body Exercise Programs
  • Aquatic Training
  • Benefits of Aquatic Training
  • Considerations Unique to Aquatic Exercise
  • Aquatic Training Components
  • Training Master Athletes
  • Principles of Training
  • Components of Master Athlete Training Programs
  • Nervous System Changes and Motor Skill Learning
  • Motor Learning Principles for the Physical Activity Instructor
  • Teaching and Leadership Skills
  • Designing and Managing Group Conditioning Classes
  • Making Group Activity Fun
  • 83 exercises for free weights, machines, bands, and balls
  • 30 workouts for increasing size, endurance, and strength
  • Sport-specific programs for tennis, golf, cycling, running, and more
  • Eating plans and nutrition advice for adding lean muscle and losing fat
  • Exercise Considerations for Medical Conditions
  • Legal Standards, Risk Management, and Professional Ethics
  • Professional Ethics for Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Professional Ethics for Group Fitness Instructors

Completion Time:

  • Self-paced, self-study, complete your course and exam within 6 months or less
  • After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Senior Fitness Specialist” on your certificate.

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

Learning Format:

  • Online Test - Submit your assignments and final examination online and receive your results immediately!
  • Test When You’re Ready – Complete examination anytime within 6 months from enrollment
  • Study at Your Own Pace - Course Study Guidelines and Completion Schedule to stay on track
  • All Learning Materials - 2 certification textbooks 
  • Self assessment study questions to test progress
  • Unlimited Student Support – Before, during and after enrollment
  • No Added Fees - All materials and examination included
  • NO Travel Necessary

Exam Requirements:  

  • Passing an online or mail-in exam with 85% or higher.
  • Retest fee is $75.00.

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