Psychobiotics and Gut-Brain Connection

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6.0 CEC’s / Research Articles / Quiz

Our understanding of the microbiome and human brain is always evolving. In recent years, it has been well-established that the gastrointestinal (gut) microbiota and various strains of bacteria have a direct impact on brain function and our overall health and wellness.

Since our understanding of these topics is still evolving, it's important for nutrition, wellness, health coaching, and fitness professionals to understand the latest science of the microbiome, psychobiotics, the gut-brain axis, and how all of this science can help you provide more value to your clients.

In this 6.0 hour continuing education credit course, you will learn about:

  • The various anatomical and physiological components of the gut-brain connection
  • What psychobiotics are, their supplemental forms, and their uses
  • How the immune system and gut-microbiome are connected and how this connection influences inflammation
  • The different neurotransmitters, hormones, and other molecular biochemistry involved with psychobiotics
  • How psychobiotics can benefit and influence different diseases and conditions
  • Practical strategies for incorporating psychobiotics, probiotics, and prebiotic foods into your client's diet