Periodization Training for Sports



5.0 CECs / Book

Sports conditioning has advanced tremendously since the era when a “no pain, no gain” philosophy guided the training regimens of athletes. Dr. Tudor Bompa pioneered most of these breakthroughs, proving long ago that it’s not only how much and how hard an athlete works but also when and what work is done that determines the athlete’s conditioning level. 

In Periodization Training for Sports, Bompa demonstrates how to use periodized workouts in order to peak at optimal times by manipulating six different training phases: anatomical adaptation, hypertrophy, maximum strength, conversion to power, maintenance, and transition. Coaches and athletes in 32 sports have at their fingertips a proven program that is sure to produce the best results. No more guessing about preseason conditioning, in-season workloads, or appropriate rest and recovery periods; now it’s simply a matter of identifying and implementing the information in this book.

Presented in a useful format with plenty of ready-made training schedules, Periodization Training for Sports is your best conditioning planner if you want to know what works, why it works, and when it works in the training room and on the practice field. Get in better shape next season, and see the benefits of smarter workouts in competition with Periodization Training for Sports.

Part I: Foundations of Strength Training

Chapter 1. Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Power in Sports

Chapter 2. How Muscles Respond to Strength Training

Chapter 3. Strength and the Energy Systems

Chapter 4. Principles of Strength Training for Sports

Part II: Program Design

Chapter 5. Manipulation Volume, Intensity, and Speed

Chapter 6. Planning for the Short-Term: Microcycles and Macrocycles

Chapter 7. The Yearly Training Plan: Periodization of Strength

Part III: Periodized Training

Chapter 8. Phase 1: Anatomical Adaptation

Chapter 9. Phase 2: Hypertrophy

Chapter 10. Phase 3: Maximum Strength

Chapter 11. Phase 4: Conversion

Chapter 12. Phases 5 and 6: Maintenance and Transition

Chapter 13. Fatigue, Muscle Soreness, and Recovery