Nutritional Strategies for Endometriosis

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6.0 CEC’s / Video Lecture / Quiz

Endometriosis is a complex disease that affects up to 40% of women with infertility challenges and up to 10% of all females of reproductive age. Even more alarming is that it can take up to ten years for someone to be diagnosed with endometriosis. As a health, nutrition, and wellness professional, you're in a unique position to provide support, guidance, and education to those with endometriosis.

In this 6.0 credit continuing education and professional development course for nutrition and wellness professionals, you'll gain a fundamental understanding of the:

  • Significance of endometriosis among your clients and the healthcare system
  • Signs, symptoms, and causes of endometriosis from an integrative perspective
  • Pathophysiology and theories of endometriosis
  • Special considerations for your clients with endometriosis
  • Integrative and holistic nutritional, supplementation, herbal, and lifestyle strategies for endometriosis
  • Strategies for incorporating this knowledge into your practice