New Functional Training for Sports



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Reach a higher level of athleticism with Functional Training for Sports

Functional training is a complete system of athletic development that focuses on training the body the way it will be used in competition, making it the most efficient and effective form of training today. Author Mike Boyle, renowned strength and conditioning coach formerly with the Boston Bruins, addresses movement, body positions, and abilities that are essential for success in competition. Through Functional Training for Sports, you will improve your total athleticism, enhance your performance, and reduce injuries through exercise progressions that will spur your development potential for specific movement patterns you commonly use in your sport.

Providing tests for you to determine where to start, the progressions focus on training for the torso, the upper body, and the lower body. Functional Training for Sports also provides detailed programs that incorporate the exercises and methods for these progressions. As you master each progression, you will be preparing yourself to perform in any situation with notable improvements in stability and balance, reaction time, core strength, and power. This whole-body, sport-applied system makes Functional Training for Sports your key to today’s most effective and efficient training!

Chapter 1 Making Your Training More Functional
Chapter 2 Analyzing the Demands of Your Sport   
Chapter 3 Assessing Your Functional Strength 
Chapter 4 Designing Your Program 
Chapter 5 Foam Rolling, Stretching and Dynamic Warm-Up 
Chapter 6 Lower-Body Training
Chapter 7 Core Training  
Chapter 8 Upper-Body Training
Chapter 9 Plyometric Training 
Chapter 10 Olympic Lifting 
Chapter 11 Performance Training Programs