Master Personal Trainer Certification

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The AFPA Master Personal Trainer Program Provides Top-Tier Educational Training in Exceptional Fitness, Sports Performance and Nutrition.

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Do you want to further your career in the fitness industry? Do you have a passion for helping others reach their goals and the drive to never settle for less?

Start working toward your bright future as an AFPA Master Personal Trainer, where you will have unrivaled knowledge, credibility, and professional aptitude to set yourself apart from the competition.

You’ll gain remarkable expertise in the areas of wellness, nutrition, fundamental and advanced personal training, functional fitness, sports conditioning, fitness for special populations, and so much more.

What Can I Do as a Master Personal Trainer?

You will be truly competent at helping almost any client out there.
By integrating contemporary health trends, scientifically-proven training and nutrition, and optimal counseling measures with the best practices in fitness disciplines, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the business fundamentals of administration, marketing, and management in personal training
  • Name and describe exercise testing procedures to assess cardiorespiratory function, body composition, muscular fitness, and flexibility and give suggestions for improvement in these areas
  • Design best-in-class fitness programs to include all forms of popular, advanced, and specialized training
  • Coach clients through safe and effective training programs built to be efficacious in reaching their goals
  • Examine a client’s body composition, fitness history, and more to assess how to improve speed, flexibility, mobility, power, strength, and specific sport skills
  • Give sound nutritional advice based on client goals
  • Demonstrate the proper usage of various commercial fitness machines and equipment utilizing appropriate exercise guidelines and spotting techniques
  • Construct a periodization program to improve performance
  • Design an exercise program based on the principles of specialization and lifting techniques
  • Identify the weak muscle links that inhibit optimal performance as well as imbalances in core stability and make necessary changes to correct these imbalances
  • Evaluate the use of various weight-control diets to meet appropriate weight goals
  • Construct a foundation for wellness nutrition based on current scientific research
  • Identify how to reinforce positive food habits and behaviors
  • Recognize healthy diet and food choices and explain why such choices will help prevent health problems
  • Formulate and design your own personalized meal plan and meal plans for clients

…. And that isn’t even half of it!

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This Program Has It All

An all-inclusive education and training that will enable you to combine safe and effective physical activity, appropriate lifestyle changes, nutritional guidance, and emotional support into uniquely specialized fitness programs that will help you best help your clients achieve their goals.

What Makes This Certification Different?

The Master Personal Trainer Certification program is made up of four superlative courses, each with its own exam to test your learning.

  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • Advanced Personal Trainer Certification
  • Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification
  • Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification

Personal Trainer Certification:

Explore functional anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to fitness performance, health, and longevity. You’ll prescribe exercise for a variety of needs and desired results, such as managing weight, increasing muscular fitness, enhancing flexibility and low-back function, and training for performance and events.

Other modules include but are not limited to:

    • Exercise for Special Populations
    • Bodyweight Training Program Design
    • Muscle, Strength, Speed, and Performance Program Design

The AFPA Personal Trainer Certification program has been voted a Top 10 Best Personal Trainer Certification by both LiveStrong and Huffington Post .

Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification:

Administer proper strength and endurance training to minimize injury and increase overall performance. Teach clients agility training to improve speed, power, coordination, and muscle reflexes. You’ll uncover how and why to identify imbalances in core stability and strength and make necessary changes to correct these imbalances. You will also support clients on enhancing sport-specific skills and/or develop brand new skills.

Other modules include but are not limited to:

  • Periodization Training for Peak Performance
  • Future Developments in Sports Conditioning
  • Developing a Sports Performance Training Program

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification:

Develop goal-oriented exercise programs for deconditioned, conditioned, and athletic clients. You’ll relay the physiological effects on the human body of aerobic, anaerobic, and interval training to clients and construct periodization programs to improve performance. Learn to build exceptional training programs for advanced clients looking to improve overall power and strength.

Other modules include but are not limited to:

  • Foundations to Advanced Training
  • Stability, Coordination, Mobility, and Imbalances
  • Improving Functional Weaknesses

Nutrition and Wellness Certification:

Construct meal planning and dietary guidelines based on MyPlate, a government recommended revision of the Food Pyramid. Offer sound nutritional guidance and co-create solutions for clients, assisting clients in reaching their weight and nutritional goals.

Other modules include but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition Science
  • Counseling Strategies for Positive Behavioral Change
  • Holistic Health Research

When you have completed all four specialized fitness certification programs, you will have earned the AFPA Master Personal Trainer Certification.


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With a 26-year legacy of accredited expertise, AFPA is a frontrunner in holistic wellness, health, fitness, and nutrition programs. We’re proud to offer the best variety of flexible, affordable, and accessible programs on the market.

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4 Elite Programs. 1 Affordable Price.

AFPA is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced, innovative, and industry-leading certification programs so that you can reach your career goals quickly and affordably.

Sneak Peek At What You’ll Receive In Each Course:

Personal Trainer Certification

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
  • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • Online learning activities
  • Practice quizzes and self-assessments
  • Blueprint for increasing fitness income selling digital products: "now to start a successful online personal trainer business"
  • Descriptions and demonstrations of over more than 150 exercises
  • Anatomical guides
  • Ready-to-use exercise programs
  • Forms, worksheets, checklists, and client questionnaires
  • Online final exam

Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based your learning preference
  • Chapter study guide
  • Ready-to-use sports conditioning programs
  • Goal-setting worksheets
  • Training activities
  • Online final exam

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based your learning preference
  • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • Online videos
  • Advanced training strategies
  • Case studies
  • Online final exam

Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based your learning preference
  • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • Online learning activities
  • Practice quizzes and self-assessments
  • Multimedia learning formats: audio + video lectures
  • Counseling and lifestyle management forms for starting your own business
  • Forms, worksheets, checklists, and client questionnaires
  • Online final exam

Plus: Study guidelines, course downloads, completion schedule (to keep you on track!), course assignments, practice quizzes, and 4 final exams.

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Is This Program Right For Me?

You’re looking in the right place if you:
  • Tend to go above and beyond in everything you do; you have ambitious goals and don’t want to see your potential wasted
  • Are interested in working with clients one-on-one and guiding them toward making lasting, meaningful behavioral changes to enhance their lives
  • Want to get the best education without constraints on your schedule, lifestyle, or bank account

This Master Personal Trainer Certification program is the best, most comprehensive program out there! The amount of information I learned was unbelievable! Hands down!

C. Klepler Verified Buyer

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Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the Master Personal Trainer Certification Program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
    Have a solid understanding of the English language.

Exam Requirements:

  • You need a minimum final exam grade of 85% to pass.
    A $75.00 retest fee will apply.

When you complete the AFPA Master Personal Trainer Certification program you will earn a total of five (5) certifications: Personal Trainer, Advanced Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, and the AFPA Master Personal Trainer Certification.