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Master Personal Trainer Certification

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Product Description

This Master Personal Trainer Certification program is the best, most comprehensive program out there!  The amount of information I learned was unbelievable! Handsdown!  - C. Klepler

By completing and obtaining the requirements for the AFPA Master Personal Trainer Certification you will set yourself apart from others by means of the your personal level of educational development, expertise, professionalism and commitment to the health and fitness industry. When you complete the AFPA Master Personal Trainer Certification program you will earn a total of five (5) certifications: Personal Trainer Certification, Advanced Personal Trainer Certification, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification, Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification and the AFPA Master Personal Trainer Certification.

Completion Time:

  • Self-paced, self-study, you test when you are ready!
  • After successful completion of each certification course you will earn the cooresponding certificate.  
  • Upon successful completion of all 4 certification courses you will receive your credentials for Master Personal Trainer.

Requirements for AFPA Master Personal Fitness Trainer Certification:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

Master Personal Trainer Certification Course Includes: 

  • OnLine Testing  - Submit assignments & final examination online, receive your results immediately!
  • Test When You’re Ready –  You will have 6 months to complete each course and submit each exam. 
  • Study at Your Own Pace - Course Study Guidelines and Completion Schedule to stay on track
  • Includes ALL Learning Materials for each course - Certification Course Textbooks, Online activities, DVD’s
  • Practice Quizzes - Self assessments to test progress
  • Unlimited Student Support – Before, during and after enrollment
  • No Added Fees - All materials and examination included
  • Weekly Newsletter - AFPA eNews with latest health and fitness trends
  • Member Discount Offers
  • NO Travel Necessary

Did you know? Median Personal Trainer salary is $56,000 and 10 year job growth is up 24%!

Master Personal Trainer Certification Course Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the business fundamentals of administration, marketing, and management in personal training.
  • Name and describe exercise testing procedures to assess cardiorespiratory function, body composition, muscular fitness, and flexibility and give suggestions for improvement in these areas.
  • Design educationally- based fitness programs to include cardiovascular training, resistance training and flexibility programs.
  • Demonstrate the proper usage of various commercial fitness machines and equipment utilizing appropriate exercise guidelines and spotting techniques.
  • Differentiate between appropriate exercise principles and practices for adults, children and older populations
  • Demonstrate the differences between Isometric and Isokinetic resistance with application for sports.
  • Explain the endocrine systems response to resistance training.
  • Construct a periodization program to improve performance.
  • Design an exercise program based on the principals of specialization and lifting techniques.
  • Interpret the detraining phenomenon on both motor performance and strength loss.
  • Demonstrate a safe and effective training program to improve over-all power and strength.
  • Indentify the weak muscle links that inhibit optimal performance.
  • Examine a clients gait and determine how to improve speed and reduce injury.
  • Identify imbalances in core stability and strength and make necessary changes to correct these imbalances.
  • Differentiate between exercises to enhance sports specific skills.
  • Define the major functions of the macro- and micro-nutrients as well as oxygen.
  • Identify practical food sources of the macronutrients.
  • Examine the effects of food choices on physical fitness and health.
  • Evaluate the use of various weight control diets to meet appropriate weight goals.
  • Distinguish sound nutritional information from unreliable nutritional information.
  • Recognize appropriate behavioral change modifications and dietary approaches for different ages and populations.
  • Construct a foundation for wellness nutrition based on current scientific research.
  • Identify how to reinforce positive food habits and behaviors.
  • Analyze the role of diet in causing and preventing various diseases, particularly chronic diseases.
  • Recognize healthy diet and food choices, and explain why such choices will help prevent health problems.
  • Formulate and design your own personalize meal plan and meal plans for clients.
  • Examine common myths and fallacies concerning diet.

Master Personal Trainer Certification Course Topics Include, but not limited to:

Personal Trainer Certification Course:

    • Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Nutrition
    • EnergyCosts of Physical Activity
    • Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Fitness
    • Assessment of Body Composition
    • Assessment of Muscular Fitness
    • Assessment of Flexibility and Low Back Function
    • Exercise Prescription for Cardiorespiratory Fitness
    • Exercise Prescription for Weight Management
    • Exercise Prescription for Muscular Fitness
    • Exercise Prescription for Flexibility and Low Back Function
    • Exercise and Children and Youth
    • Exercise and Older Adults
    • Exercise and Women’s Health
    • Exercise and Heart Disease
    • Exercise and Obesity
    • Exercise and Diabetes
    • Exercise and Pulmonary Disease
    • Exercise Programming for Health and Fitness
    • Behavior Change
    • Mindful Exercise for Fitness Professionals
    • Exercise Related to ECG and Medications
    • Injury Prevention and Treatment
    • LegalConsiderations
    • Anatomical Design and Function
    • Effective Exercise Selection
    • Optimal Exercise Technique
    • Core and Trunk Exercises
    • Compound Lower Body Exercises
    • Isolated Lower Body Exercises
    • Upper Body Pushing Exercises
    • Upper Body Pulling Exercises
    • Program Planning
    • Training techniques for strength, definition, and muscle size
    • Functional training exercises using the stability ball, medicine balls, tubing and more
    • Included are programs for base strength, full-body fitness, and advanced split routines that show you how to combine the exercises into progressive strength programs. By varying intensity, volume, recovery, and exercise sequencing, you can design customized programs for reaching both immediate and long-term training goals.

Advanced Personal Training Certification Course:

    • Training techniques for strength, definition, and muscle size
    • Functional training exercises using the stability ball, medicine balls, tubing and more
    • Included are three programs for base strength, full-body fitness, and advanced split routines that show you how to combine the exercises into progressive strength programs. By varying intensity, volume, recovery, and exercise sequencing, you can design customized programs for reaching both immediate and long-term training goals.
    • Learn how to test and build up the nine essential fitness components including power, strength, speed, quickness, coordination, agility, flexibility, local muscular endurance, and cardiovascular aerobic capacity and endurance.

Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification Course:

    • Discover the assessment tests to help find the imbalances in movement patterns. Sample corrective exercises are demonstrated to improve mobility and stability, and ways to integrate these exercises into a regular training program.
    • Learn how to expose and overcome weaknesses to form a foundation for long-term training gains.
    • Identify functional weaknesses and correct imbalances.
    • Learn how to refine specific movement skills such as jumping, kicking, cutting, and turning.
    • Tailor the training exercises and drills to the development of sport-specific performance factors.
    • Periodized training programs precisely for peak performance at critical points in the competitive season, and if necessary, use a safe and effective reconditioning regimen to bring a clients athlete back from injury.
    • Periodizing Training for Peak Performance
    • Designing Periodized Workouts and Training Programs
    • Goal Setting
    • Off-season Programs
    • In-Season and Multi-sport Programs
    • Restoring Performance After Injury
    • Future Developments in Sports Conditioning
    • Mobility and Stability Testing
    • Balance & Core Training
    • Strength and Endurance Testing
    • Movement Imbalance Training
    • Strength and Endurance Exercises
    • Power, Speed, and Agility Testing
    • Speed and Quickness Training
    • Power, Speed, and Agility Drills
    • Baseline Fitness Testing for Sports
    • Developing a Sports Performance Training Program
    • Incorporating Sport-Specific Skills Into Training
    • Creating Conditioning Drills & Designing Periodized Workouts and Training Programs for: Tennis Track/Cross Country Hockey Basketball Baseball/Softball Football Golf Soccer Volleyball & More!

Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification Course:

  • Nutrition Component:
    • The Art of Understanding Nutrition
    • The Pursuit of an Ideal Diet
    • The Carbohydrates: Sugar, Starch, and Fiber
    • The Lipids: Fats and Oils
    • The Proteins and Amino Acids
    • The Vitamins
    • Water and the Minerals
    • Alcohol
    • Weight Management
    • Nutrition and Fitness
    • The Life Cycle: Conception Through the Later Years food Safety and the Global Food Supply
    • Nutrition Resources
    • An Introduction to the Human Body
    • American Dietary Guidelines and Recommendations
    • Canadian Dietary Guidelines and Recommendations
    • Aids to Calculations
    • Food Exchange Systems
    • Chapter Notes
    • Table of Food Composition

  • Consulting Component:
      • Effective Counseling Relationship
      • Nutrition Counseling Skills
      • Dietary Assessment
      • Energy Determinations, Physical Assessment, Documentation/Charting
      • Strategies to Promote Change
      • Making Behavior Change Last
      • Role of A Nutrition Counselor in Physical Activity Counseling
      • Group Counseling
      • Lifestyle Management Forms
      • Worksheets & Questionnaires to Document & Assess Counseling Sessions
      • Forms and Checklists for Easy Duplication

Learning Format:

  • Comprehensive manuals, video lessons, online lessons, and digitally proctored online exam or mail-in option (submit exam by mail or email)  

Exam Requirement:  

  • Passing an online or mail-in final exam with 85% or higher for each certification course. There is a $75.00 retest fee.

The delivery method of the Master Personal Trainer program was wonderful. Being a single dad of two toddlers who has a full time job and is working on finishing up his MA degree does not give me a lot of free time. This exam allowed me ample time and worked great with my busy schedule.   B. Miller

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  1. Master Personal Trainer Certification 5 star rating

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    Wow! So much information to digest. I appreciate the different study materials such as textbooks, dvd's, Ebooks, online quizzes, etc. It is very full of information. Looking forward to completing the individual programs.

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