Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification

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Boost Your Life, Health & Income Potential with our Most Comprehensive Nutrition Course

Discover the techniques and strategies to set you apart from your competition and achieve optimal results for your clients.

You’ll graduate having world-class educational development, professionalism, and the confidence to effectively change lives through your leading-edge expertise in nutrition, health, and wellness.

What is the AFPA Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification Program?

This program provides the total package, an all-inclusive education and training that will enable you to combine sound nutrition, safe and effective physical activity, appropriate lifestyle changes, and psychological and emotional support into programs that will help you best help your clients achieve their goals.

What Can I Do with a Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification?

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As a Master Level Nutrition Consultant, you can broaden your role and add value to clients in a number of ways:

  • Counsel clients on basic rules of good nutrition; healthy, wholesome eating habits; and nutrition monitoring to improve their quality of life. With this information, they can be more proactive about making changes that they feel good about and that are supported by research and evidence.
  • Develop individualized plans that address client health history, disease risk, personal goals, and food preferences. Everybody has different needs when it comes to nutrition, and as a Master Level Nutrition Consultant, you’ll have a deeper skill set for assessment and plan development.
  • Communicate how nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle that includes quality sleep, lower stress levels, and more physical activity. You can tie nutrition together with a number of healthy strategies that all work together to support optimal wellness. That lifestyle might include weight management, athletic performance, or fitness goals.
  • Address client concerns in a meaningful, sustainable way. Whether that means helping them lose weight, creating healthy meals for a busy family, improving athletic performance, or addressing concerns about aging or chronic illness, you’ll have the knowledge to give solid advice.

What Makes This Certification Different?

The Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification program is made up of four superlative courses, each with its own exam to test your learning.  Complete each individual program in 6 months or less, and all four programs in 2 years or less:

Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification:

Gain the fundamental skills of nutritional counseling strategies so that you can effectively communicate with clients looking to reach nutritional and lifestyle goals.

Weight Management Specialist Certification:

Learn scientifically sound, balanced weight-management strategies that help clients achieve long-term weight-management success through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change.

Holistic Nutritionist Certification:

Get insight into holistic nutrition, whole foods, and plant-based nutrition to consult with clients who are seeking to prevent disease and gain optimal health.

Sports Nutritionist Certification:

Gain Knowledge about how to enhance clients’ workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals.

When you have completed all four nutrition certification programs, you will have earned the AFPA Master Nutrition Consultant Certification and be eligible for optional board certification.

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Accreditation & Continuing Education You Can Count On

  • AFPA is an accredited school by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). The AADP is recognized by both, traditional and nontraditional holistic schools and colleges worldwide as an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs. Graduates of AFPA nutrition and coaching programs are eligible for additional Board Certification from the AADP.
  • AFPA Nutrition Certification programs curriculum fully meets the ANMAB’s accreditation board educational requirements. Graduates of AFPA are eligible to apply to be a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant through the ANMAB (American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board).
  • AFPA is an accredited training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).
  • The Holistic Nutritionist Certification program (included in this course) is approved approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) for a total of 30 NANP category 1 CEUs.
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Join over 119,000 AFPA certified professionals worldwide.

With a 26-year legacy of accredited expertise, AFPA is a frontrunner in nutrition and wellness programs. We’re proud to offer the best variety of flexible, affordable, and accessible programs on the market.

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    Study Anywhere At Your Own Pace

    Enjoy the freedom to study on your own time from anywhere in the world.

    Study guidelines and schedules are provided to help keep you on track.  Take the test online when you’re ready!

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    Affordable and Flexible Payment Options

    Get certified without breaking the bank.

    Our certifications cost significantly less than degree programs, so they’re affordable programs with minimum financial risk.

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    Unlimited Student Support

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4 Elite Programs. 1 Affordable Price.

AFPA is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced, innovative, and industry-leading certification programs so that you can reach your career goals quickly and affordably.

At a cost of thousands of dollars less than similar programs offered at universities and colleges, we’re giving you the access and opportunity to learn more at a substantially lower cost.

What You Receive In Each Course:

Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
  • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • Online learning activities
  • Practice quizzes and self-assessments
  • Multimedia learning formats: audio + video lectures
  • Counseling and lifestyle management forms for starting your own business
  • Online final exam

Weight Management Specialist Certification

  • 3 certification textbooks
  • PDF downloads and business resources
  • Counseling and lifestyle forms, worksheets, and checklists to boost client experience
  • Final examination

Holistic Nutritionist Certification

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbooks based on your learning preference
  • Practice quizzes and self-assessments
  • Multimedia learning: 16 hours of online video/audio lectures with transcripts
  • 28-day meal plan (includes shopping list and recipes)
  • Counseling and lifestyle management forms for starting your own business
  • Online final exam

Sports Nutritionist

  • Digital eBook and/or physical textbook based on your learning preference
  • Chapter outlines and chapter study guides
  • PDF downloads and business resources
  • Online final exam

Plus: Study guidelines, course downloads, completion schedule (to keep you on track!), course assignments, practice quizzes, and 4 final exams.


Is This Program Right For Me?

Only you are the master of your professional destiny. You’re looking in the right place if you:
  • Are interested in working with clients one-on-one and guiding them toward making lasting, meaningful behavioral changes to enhance their lives
  • Desire the freedom and flexibility that comes with running your own specialized health and nutrition business
  • Are looking to change careers and align yourself on a professional path that is deeply satisfying and financially rewarding
  • Want to get the best education without constraints on your schedule, lifestyle, or bank account

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Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification Program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
    Have a solid understanding of the English language.

Exam Requirements:

  • You need a minimum final exam grade of 85% to pass.
    A $75.00 retest fee will apply.

When you complete the AFPA Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification program you will earn a total of five (5) certifications: Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Management Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, and the AFPA Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification.