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Lower Body Stability Ball Specialist

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Product Description

Enroll in the Lower Body Stability Ball Specialist Course to expand your marketability to your fitness and personal training clients who need to increase their leg strength, core strength, and lower body balance & flexibility. You will learn to implement the movements to help improve your client's lower and core body strength, flexibility and balance.  All stability ball exercises are adaptable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level clients.

This course will start with lower body movements for your beginner clients by breaking down moves to the simplest form to establish flexibility and strength on the stability ball, and will progress to 
more innovative exercise ball techniques and
advanced positioning for your more advanced & experienced clients.


6.0 CEC's/AFPA Endorsed Education Provider Course By GMP Fitness

Course Objectives: 

  • Gain insight on beginner to more advanced stabilization techniques.
  • Amplify knowledge of lower body ball exercises and how to set proper intensity levels.
  • Find out appropriate guidelines and instructional tips when using the stability ball.
  • Learn the muscles being used when performing the conditioning moves.
  • Review guidelines when using the stability ball to the lower body.
  • Learn new ideas on how to stretch.
  • Provide appropriate instructional cues for proper exercise technique.
  • Enhance knowledge on the benefits of using the stability ball.
  • Learn to progress through exercises moving from basic to more difficult through body position changes.
  • Ilustrates various progressions.
  • Apply and incorporate stability ball training for the lower body and some additional exercises for the torso.

Course Completion Time:  

  • 6 Hours 

Post-Assessment Tool: 

  • Online true/False & multiple/Choice final exam
  • Take as many times as needed ----- NO retest fees

Course Level: 

  • Entry/Intermediate

Course Type: 

  • Self-Paced/Distance Education 

Course Materials

  • CD & DVD
  • Lower Body Ball Trainer & Client Charts (Printable PDFs on the CD)

Course Topics Include:

  • Exercise Sciences  
  • Stability Ball Exercise Programming
  • Flexibility and Balance on the Stability Ball
  • Stability Ball Lower Body Training

Course Reviews:

  • “New ideas and affirmation of positioning techniques and communication of positioning and alignment. In teaching class using a G-ball and instructing the benefits to clients of balance and flexibility using this method of exercise. Also communicating the benefits to proper progression of these stability exercises. Easy to follow and useful exercises with options for each exercise (levels of progression).” - Susan Kopicki, ACE Certified Professional 
  • “Greater understanding of using the stability ball and stability exercises to enhance my clients fitness. I will incorporate in their workouts.  It was a great course.” - Rebecca Stelzer, ACE Certified Professional 
  • “Awareness of proper form and cues to use while training clients on the G Ball, depending on their level and ability. A refresher on specific muscle groups targeted on each exercise is always beneficial. I often incorporate the G Ball in the core segment of my routines. This course introduced me to some new conditioning exercises as well as some great stretches to use. I have gained knowledge on some alignment cues as well. I thought the course was easy to follow and very thorough. I would recommend it to any trainer looking for new safe and effective ways to work on core strength. The G Ball is a great piece of equipment to vary anyone’s stretching and strength routines.” - Kasie Sullivan, ACE Certified Professional
  • "Innovative exercise ball techniques. I am going to utilize the exercises within my training programs for firefighters.” - Shannon Daniel Orndorff, ACE Certified Professional
  • “Some of the advanced positioning was innovative and new to me and I liked the superset idea! The beginner level was excellent for my senior athletes who need to work on their core and balance.” - Jennifer Gallagher, ACE Certified Professional 
  • “I learned many new things. The material is very organized and easy to follow. Thank you for being well organized and very responsive.” - Blanca Lilis Deal, WITS Certified Professional 
  • “Clients are always looking for new and different exercises and stretches - this course really gave me some great ideas! It provided many new and different training and stretching ideas to use with clients which incorporate the G Ball.” - Heidi A. Varon, WITS Certified Professional  
  • “This course was one of my all time favorites. Very thorough, professional and included so many extras.” - Phyllis Joseph, WITS Certified Professional  
  • "Your program is a valuable addition to my repertoire.” - Christie Tabb, WITS Certified Professional  
  • “I've been teaching a ball class for awhile and found new moves and better ways to emphasis the benefit of the move. This course will help me educate my clients better. It was easy to follow.” - Karen Coultas, ACE Certified Professional
  • “I gained from all aspects of the course. The clients charts were interesting. I will add routines from the course and adhere to the coaching tips with my clients.” - Vincent Costantino, WITS Certified Professional 
  • “I learned new ideas for lower body ball workouts and helpful pointers on proper training of class participants.” - Angela LeDuc, ACE Certified Professional
  • "I find the GMP courses very user friendly and easy to teach to clients who may have little or no exercise experience. The sample forms are also a nice bonus.” - Susan Jensen,  ACE Certified Professional
  • “Great course. I will use this in my classes and with my individual clients.” - Erin Fink Smith, ACE Certified Professional
  • “I found advanced positioning to use with experienced clients, reminders on good positioning and ways to advance my clients on the ball. Well done.” - Kerri A Bartkowiak, ACE Certified Professional
  • “How the lower body plays an important roll when exercising. Sharing and using it to help strengthen my clients lower body and being healthy. Great Stuff!” - Earl Jacob, WITS Certified Professional  

Lower Body Ball Specialist Approved CECs/CEUs:

  • American Council on Exercise—ACE—0.60
  • America Fitness Professionals Association—AFPA—6.00
  • American College on Sports Medicine—ACSM—6.00
  • The Cooper Institute—CI—6.00
  • International Sports Sciences Association—ISSA—6.00
  • The International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine—NASM—0.60
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness—NCSF—3.00  
  • National Strength Professionals Association—NSPA—6.00
  • National Federation of Professional Trainers—NFPT—1.00
  • National Association for Fitness Certification—NAFC—0.60
  • National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)—Note: CEU Petition Form will need to be filled out and there may be a small fee.
  • National Exercise Trainers Association—NETA—6.00
  • Professional Fitness Instructor Training—PFIT—6.00
  • American Senior Fitness Association—SFA—0.60
  • World Instructor Training Schools—WITS—6.00 

Product Reviews

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  1. Great Class! Would order more. 5 star rating

    Posted by on

    Easy to understand. Video helpful. Relearned exercises. Was shown easy ways to Superset the exercises. Support when needed outstanding.

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