How to Develop the Core for Sports Performance



Textbook / 8.0 CEC's

How to Develop Core Strength course is designed to help athletes develop a strong and well-conditioned core to maximize sport performance and will serve as a guide and resource for the safe and effective development of core training programs for sports. Developed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as part of their Sports Performance Series and edited by strength and conditioning expert Jeffrey Willardson, PhD.

This text features 73 exercises, assessment tools, and sport-specific training plans to increase core strength. The practical information features:

  • Core training programs in 11 sports
  • 7 categories of science-based tests for assessing core strength and stability
  • 73 core development exercises with photographs

Learning Objectives

  • Describe core anatomy and biomechanics and how the core musculature influences an athlete’s ability to create efficient movement.
  • Use a variety of testing and assessment tools to evaluate a person’s level of core strength and stability.
  • Identify how the training principles of overload and progression are key factors to consider in prescribing core
  • exercises.
  • Implement guidelines for developing core strength and stability in designing effective sport training programs.
  • Describe a variety of exercises and drills to develop core strength and stability in order to improve athletic
  • performance.
  • Design safe and effective training programs for core development to meet specific goals for a variety of sports
  • and activities.

This course is self-directed, which enables you to work at your own pace without the help of an instructor. The following sequence is an effective way to complete the course.

  • Read the Developing the Core e-book or textbook.
  • Test: Complete the exam.  For successful completion, you must achieve a minimum of 85% on the exam.