Hormones & Environmental Toxins

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8.0 CEC’s / Webinar & Narrative Review / Quiz

Recent research suggests that more than 85% of our health status can be attributed not to our genes, but to our environment. This not only includes the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the stress we're exposed to in our day-to-day lives, but also the chemicals inside of our personal care products, food, makeup, cookware, cleaning products, and clothing. Our exposure to these chemicals can add up fast and in some cases, they can play a major role in the development and severity of a number of chronic, hormonal, and autoimmune diseases.
There are over 84,000+ chemicals registered for use in the United States, but only 200 or so have been actually tested for safety. This leaves many health coaches, nutritionists, and wellness and fitness professionals often wondering how these chemicals may be impacting their clients health, especially their hormones.

In Hormones & Environmental Toxins, a continuing education and professional development course for nutrition, wellness, and holistic health professionals, you will:

  • Explore the fundamentals of endocrine and hormone disrupting chemicals and environmental health
  • Understand how industry regulation influences environmental health
  • Gain familiarity with the various diseases and hormonal disruption that results from environmental chemicals
  • Learn about the most common endocrine-disrupting chemicals that the majority of the population in America is exposed to
  • Understand fundamental applied practical strategies for reducing exposure and the hormonal and endocrine effects of environmental toxicants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals