Gut Health Nutrition Specialist

Gain unprecedented training in holistic nutrition, whole foods and plant-based nutrition. Learn how to develop personalized diet and lifestyle programs for clients using science-backed practices to natural, complementary nutrition.

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Become a Gut Health Expert

Over the past decade, health specialists across all fields have begun to recognize the central importance of optimizing gut health to address common health issues, including digestive health, mental health, and chronic disease. This course is designed to provide you with:

  • A detailed understanding of the role of nutrition in influencing gut health
  • Up-to-date scientific knowledge about how gut health is fundamental to healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Information about how gut health is connected to the whole body and how it functions

Whether you’re looking to add to your professional skills, carve out a space in this niche, or support your own health, becoming a Gut Health Nutrition Specialist will give you the knowledge and tools to support and optimize gut health.

What Can I Expect From The Course?

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    • Dynamic Learning Methodologies - Includes a variety of learning methodologies to support different types of learners
    • Up-To-Date Curriculum – Features the latest research on nutritional strategies for healing your gut through the different life stages
    • Affordable Financial Investment – Costs less than the market value and is payable through a payment plan
    • Flexible Course of Study – Can be completed online, from anywhere, and at any time

As a special gift to you, we've created a free guide that lists the Top 50 Anti-Inflammatory Foods.

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What You’ll Get:

  • 8 modules with the knowledge necessary to support clients in optimizing their digestive wellness through nutrition and lifestyle
  • 23 handouts you can download and print to use with your clients or refer to later
  • Multimedia and resources to deepen your understanding of course content
  • 5 engaging case studies and 3 activities to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice
  • Access to up-to-date scientific articles about gut health nutrition
  • Tools you can use with your clients to better understand their gut health status
  • A toolbox of dietary strategies for addressing specific gut health issues
  • A toolbox of lifestyle strategies for supporting gut health in the long term
  • Information about research-backed herbs, botanicals, supplements, and probiotics that bring the body back into balance

A Brief Look Inside The Curriculum:


Learn how to support whole body health and wellness by optimizing gut health

  • Discover everything the gut has to offer – from the microbiome and how it fights disease to its relationship with the rest of the body
  • Get the most up-to-date, evidence-based nutritional strategies for supporting your gut through different life stages
  • Become a gut health expert by studying at your own pace from anywhere in the world

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What is gut health?

The gut includes all the body parts and organs involved with taking in and putting out the foods we eat, including the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, colon, and rectum. When we talk about gut health, though, we're also talking about:

  • The gut microbiome, the trillions of good and bad bacteria that live in the gut
  • The relationship the rest of the body has with the gut microbiome
  • The role the gut plays in immune function
  • The communication channels between the gut and the brain
  • The impact the gut has on overall wellness

What are the requirements to enroll in this course?

  • You must be at least eighteen years old and have a solid understanding of the English language to enroll in this program. We also recommend (but do not require) that you:
  • Hold at least one current certificate in a health, wellness, nutrition, or fitness discipline (OR) have an undergraduate degree in a health or science discipline
  • Have knowledge of health and wellness coaching strategies and practices

How long does it take to complete this course?

The program is designed to provide you with flexibility and ample time to progress at a pace that is comfortable to you. It is self-directed, self-study, and may be completed in six months or less. If you require more time, you can request a six-month extension for a fee of $75.

How do quizzes and exams work?

All quizzes, exams, and assignments are online, open book, and can be completed when you’re ready.

You must score at least 80% on all quizzes and the final exam to pass and receive your credential and a certificate of completion. You may take a quiz as many times as you need to pass. If you don't pass the final exam, you can request a retest for a fee of $75

Do I need to complete continuing education to maintain my certificate? Yes, you will need to complete at least 16 continuing education credits (CECs) every two years to maintain your certificate. You can learn more about renewing your certificate here.

Can I earn continuing education credits for completing this certification program? Yes! A newly acquired AFPA certification has a value of 16 continuing education credits (CECs) that count toward the renewal requirements of an existing AFPA certification. To qualify for CECs, you must successfully complete the certification program.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, we offer flexible payment options through Affirm and PayPal Credit. You can learn more about our payment plans here.

Are there any restrictions in my state regarding what I can do as a Gut Health Nutrition Specialist?

The laws around health and wellness practitioners can be confusing, especially because they differ from state to state. Check out this guide to help you better understand those laws, the different types, and how they impact your ability to practice. To learn more about the laws impacting you, browse by state here.

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