Golf Injury Prevention Specialist



6.0 CECs / Online / Quiz
The Golf Injuries Prevention Specialist course has been redesigned with 30 new exercises for the experienced Personal Trainer, Golf Fitness Specialist or Coach. It's packed with over 40 advanced exercises and quick fix protocols to enhance the performance of all levels of experience. 

This course is provided by GMP Fitness and endorsed by AFPA.

Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Objectives:

  • Discover important facts about type and frequency of golf injuries. 
  • Compare the differences of injury between amateur and professional golfers. 
  • Study the most common golf injuries and learn exercises to help clients prevent them. 
  • Gain insight about sprains, spasms and the muscle groups. 
  • Amplify knowledge of spasms and how they cause referred pain. 
  • Learn how golfers can avoid needless surgery and play golf without pain. 
  • Understand what injuries are of special concern among golfers. 
  • Discover why your feet are the foundation of your body. 
  • Get to know why orthotics can enhance golf performance and efficiency. 
  • Gain knowledge on common swing faults and corrections. 
  • Amplify knowledge on how to market your golf fitness business. 
  • Golf Conditioning Exercises include:
    • 16 Quick Fix protocols
    • 10 Advanced protocols
    • 15 Cable exercises and simulated swing motions

Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Level and Hours:

  • Intermediate and 6 Hours to complete.

Online Course Facts:

  • Online education allows you to complete the course anytime and anywhere you want – you just need internet access and basic computer knowledge.
  •  All content is 100% online and can be viewed on your computer or tablet. It can also be viewed on your smart phone, but it is not recommended.
  • After you purchase the course, your information will be sent to GMP. You will receive a separate email from GMP with information about signing in to the GMP website where you will be able to register and have access to the course.
  • A lesson plan is provided online.
  • Please note nothing will be shipped to you.
  • Content is Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Any course PDF documents can easily be viewed right in the web browser.
  • Individuals must have the capability to open Adobe PDF files (this can be installed for FREE; if you do not have this, you will be given a link so you can view all course content). You will also need to be able to open Microsoft Word files.
  • GMP customer support.

Bonus Course Components:

  • Trainer & Client Charts
  • Customizable Training Plans
  • Client Handouts

Exam Facts:

  • 40-question online true/false and multiple/choice final exam.
  • Passing the exam with 80% or higher.
  • NO time limit to take the exam.

Qualifications to take the CE Course:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. We also strongly recommend a personal trainer certification and a current certification in CPR.

Fitness Tools Used:

  • Stability Ball, Resistance Bands

Course Hours/CECs: 

  • 6-7 Hours / AFPA CECs Award = 6.0
  • Note: Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) will only be applied for certified fitness professionals or other health professionals. This course is also approved by many other certification companies, so if you have a double certification, the CECs may be able to be applied for that certification as well. 

Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Recommended Reading:

  • Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries: This book teaches the reader how to prevent and treat most common golf injuries, including injuries to the back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and knee.  
  • Pain-Free Golf: Pain–Free Golf explains why muscles are causing each of these conditions and shows you how to self–treat the source of the problem. The Julstro treatments can be done thoroughly at home, or as a spot–treatment when a pain is preventing you from enjoying your game. 

Golf Injuries Prevention Specialist Reviews:

  • "I gained the confidence in leading golf clients toward more useful stretches and I will help advise and implement the techniques in the booklet." - Wendy Dykema
  • "Great course! Looking forward to implementing the information to my golfers. Appreciate the user-friendly language in this course. To the point illustrations. Thanks a bunch.” - Ann-Kristen