Gluten Free Diets, Prediabetes, and Hepatitis C



8 CEC’s / Holistic Health Nutrition Vol. 20

This two-hour DVD presentation features the discussion of topics related to holistic nutrition & health.

Topics Covered:

  • Breast Cancer and Constipation
  • Which Vegetable Binds Bile Best?
  • What's the Best Mouthwash?
  • Illegal Drugs in Chicken Feathers
  • Inhibit Platelet Aggregation with Berries
  • Secondary Strategy to Cooking Broccoli
  • Childhood Constipation and Cow's Milk
  • Treating Hepatitis C with Chlorella
  • Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?
  • Gluten-Free Diets: Wheat from the Chat
  • How to Diagnose Gluten Intolerance
  • Beans, Beans, Good for Your Heart
  • Preventing Prediabetes to Diabetes
  • How to Prevent Prediabetes in Children

Expanded Discussion Topics:

  • Treating Alzheimer’s with Turmeric
    What about treating Alzheimer's disease with the spice turmeric? An exciting case series was published in 2012. Three Alzheimer's patients treated with turmeric, and their symptoms declined, along with the burden on their caregivers. Let me show you what these data mean in real lives. Case number one: 83 year old woman, started losing her memory, getting disoriented. Then she started having problems taking care of herself, wandering aimlessly, incontinent. After the turmeric though, her agitation, apathy, anxiety, and irritability were relieved and she had less accidents. Furthermore she began to laugh again, and sing again, and knit again. After taking turmeric for more than a year she came to recognize her family and now lives a peaceful life without a significant behavioral or psychological symptom of dementia.

  • Barriers to Heart Disease Prevention
    Why don’t more doctors practice preventive cardiology? Available time is a reason frequently cited by physicians, but if you probe a little deeper, yes they complain about not having enough time to give their patients dietary advice, but the number one reason given was their perception that patients fear being deprived of all the junk they're eating. Can you imagine a doctor saying, "Yeah, I’d like to tell my patients to stop smoking, but I know how much they love it." 

  • Treating Gout with Cherry Juice
    Over the last 40 years, the burden of gout, a painful inflammatory arthritis, has risen considerably, now affecting millions of Americans. Gout is now the most common inflammatory arthritis in men and older women.

  • How to Prevent Prediabetes in Children
    Prediabetes is not just a high risk state for the development of diabetes--prediabetes can be a disease itself. People with prediabetes may already have damage to their eyes, kidneys, blood vessels, and heart.Evidence from numerous studies suggests that the chronic complications of type 2 diabetes start to develop during the prediabetic state. So by the time we have prediabetes, it may already too late to prevent organ damage, so best to prevent prediabetes in the first place, and the earlier the better.

  • Which Vegetable Binds Bile Best?
    To lower the risk of diet and lifestyle-related premature degenerative diseases and to advance human nutrition research, relative bile acid–binding potential of foods and fractions need to be evaluated. Since the bile acids are absorbed back in to the system they may increase cancer risk.

  • Beans, They’re Good For Your Heart 
    I’ve talked previously about the antidiabetic and antiobesity effects of various phytochemicals in beans, but there are protective effects on the cardiovascular system as well. Plant-specific compounds can have a remarkable impact on the health care system and may provide therapeutic health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of diseases and disorders. Antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory, liver protective, cholesterol-lowering, blood pressure lowering, as well as prevention of aging, diabetes, osteoporosis, DNA damage, heart diseases, and other disorders. Those without legumes in their daily diet, for example, may be at quadruple the odds of suffering high blood pressure.