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Functional Training Specialist Certification

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Product Description

The AFPA Functional Training Specialist Certification course is designed to educate you on the Functional Training protocols to improve total athleticism, enhances performance, and train to perform at the highest level with the lowest risk of injury, and produce the best results on the court, field, track, and mat, not just in the weight room.   

Completing this course will be a valuable additional credential for all Certified Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, and those who work with athletes and sports enthusiasts. Expand your services and programs to include functional exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced clients, and increase your earning potential at the same time!

What you will learn:

  • Learn the concepts, methods, exercises, and programs that maximize athletes’ movements in competition. A series of functional assessments help in determining the design of a specific plan for each athlete. Self-reinforcing progressions in exercises for the lower body, core, upper body, and ultimately total body give athletes the balance, proprioception, stability, strength, and power they require for excelling in their sports. You will receive sample programs to assist you in the customization process and ensure each aspect of preparation for physical performance.  

  • This course covers the concepts, exercises, progressions, and sequencing on which a sound functional training program is based. It addresses the needs of more than 11 sports and features 135 exercises, including body weight, bands and pulleys, dumbbells and kettlebells, medicine balls, and stability balls. The AFPA Functional Training Specialist Certification course is applicable for group exercise instructors and personal trainers.

  • Featured is a three-tier approach for integrating functional movements into an existing strength program. Through assessment and analysis, you’ll identify the movements and muscles involved in your sport, then select the best exercises and programs based on desired results and performance goals. In addition to quick exercise sequences and personalized programming more comprehensive programs can be developed to address your athletic and performance needs and goals.

  • Exercise descriptions and explanations provide full-color, high-definition composites of foundational movements as well as online access to video demonstrations, commentary, and analysis of key exercises.  

Requirements for enrollment:  

Functional Training Specialist Certification Course Includes:

  • No Travel Is Necessary
  • Study at your own pace
  • Test When You’re Ready – Complete examination anytime within 6 months from enrollment 
  • All Learning Materials Included - 2 course textbooks and online video access
  • Unlimited Student Support – Before, during and after enrollment 
  • No Added Fees - All materials and examination included 
  • Weekly AFPA Blog posts with latest health and fitness trends 
  • AFPA offers many fitness specialty and advanced certification programs when you are ready to expand your career options in the fitness field

Functional Training Specialist Certification Course Learning Objectives:

  • Develop safe, functional exercise progressions based on the unique needs of each client.
  • Describe the benefits of exercise, along with the applications to improve the ability to perform activities of daily living.
  • Discuss how non-athletes and athletes can balance upper body strength and stability.
  • Illustrate lower body strength and balance progressions.
  • Recognize how to restore hip extension flexibility and balance hamstring flexibility.
  • Apply and implement functional exercises to improve overall performance in both athletics and everyday living.
  • Differentiate between exercise variations using equipment commonly found in both the weight room and field situations.
  • Construct various functional training programs based on goals, skills and sport.

Topics Covered in the Functional Training Specialist Certification Course:

  • Functional Training Defined
  • Foundations of Functional Training 
  • Performance Continuum
  • Making Your Training More Functional
  • Analyzing the Demands of Your Sport   
  • Assessing Your Functional Strength 
  • Designing Your Program 
  • Foam Rolling, Stretching and Dynamic Warm-Up 
  • Essential Functional Exercises
  • Pure Functional Programs
  • Hybrid Programming
  • Sport-Specific Programs
  • Performance Training Programs 
  • Lower Body Training
  • Core Training  
  • Upper Body Training
  • Plyometric Training 
  • Olympic Lifting 

Learning Format: 

  • Comprehensive textbooks and non-proctored written exam. Submit exam by mail or email.   

Completion Time:

  • Self-paced, self-study, complete assignments and final exam when you're ready
  • After successful completion, you will earn the title of “Certified Functional Training Specialist” on your certificate.

Exam Requirements:  

  • Passing a final exam with 85% or higher. There is a retest fee of $75.00.

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