AFPA Enrollment Agreement

Payment Policy: By accepting this AFPA Enrollment Agreement (the “Enrollment Agreement”), you agree to all of the terms herein as well as the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of enrollment at [] , which you acknowledge has been confirmed by voice verification, written verification, or checking the box at check out.  All payments must be made to American Fitness Professionals & Associates LLC (“AFPA”) in U.S. dollars. AFPA reserves the right to determine and change its acceptable payment methods at any time. The total fee of all programs includes course materials as described unless otherwise indicated. AFPA reserves the right to update and change materials provided the program's content does not materially change.  AFPA enrollment and related fees are subject to change without notice.

Prerequisites: Enrolling students affirm that they are at least 18 years of age and have a functional, working knowledge of English and arithmetic.

Course Policy: Enrolling student agrees and acknowledges that absolutely no guarantee of successful completion or certification has been made. To successfully complete a course, participants must complete all course assignments and written examinations and obtain at least 85% on the course final exam. AFPA will, in its sole and absolute discretion, determine whether or not any student has completed the requirements to complete a course successfully. 

Program Details: Program tuition includes study materials, instructional support, examination, and issuance of credentials upon successful completion of all program requirements and financial obligations. Shipping costs are separate from program tuition costs. Shipping fees vary depending on the program(s) ordered, destination, and if the student requests special shipping options. Students outside of the continental United States agree to assume payment of customs fees, differences in exchange rates, and increased shipping costs, when applicable. AFPA student support is available by mail, email, and telephone. AFPA representatives are available 9 am-5 pm Monday – Friday Eastern Time except when closed for holidays or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Course Completion Requirements: AFPA has a six (6) month completion time to complete a single AFPA course. Courses are self-directed, self-study, and may be completed anytime within six (6) months of your enrollment date. You may request up to one (6) month extension beyond the original six (6) months for an additional extension fee of $75.00. Such requests must be received by email before the original six (6) month deadline and will be reviewed at AFPA’s discretion. The enrollment term starts from the date of your initial enrollment. AFPA must approve extensions beyond twelve (12) months from this original date of enrollment. If you have not earned your credentials after one year from the enrollment date, you are required to email AFPA for re-enrollment details. If the course in which you are enrolled has been updated/changed, you will be required to pay the fee for new materials plus shipping and handling. There is a $249.00 re-enrollment fee. AFPA reserves the right to update enrollment, shipping, extension, and reinstatement fees without notice.  If you have not earned your credentials after two years from the enrollment date, you will be required to enroll anew.  AFPA provides educational support through email, phone, and web-based services. Contact customer service at 1-609-978-7583 or 1-800-494-7782. Once you have completed the examination requirements and financial obligations, you will be issued your credentials.

Privacy Policy: You hereby agree to our Privacy Policy located at [].

Student Discrimination Prohibited: No person may be denied admission because of the person's gender, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Under no circumstance are any fees paid to AFPA refundable, including, without limitation, fees for education, training, and certification course enrollment, courses, course materials, and shipping. No credits, transfers, exchanges, refunds, or offsets of any kind will be made. All students have the opportunity to complete the course they have enrolled in the prescribed amount of time. For the avoidance of doubt, no credits, transfers, exchanges, refunds, or offsets of any kind will be made even if you fail to complete the courses, fail any examination, or decide not to complete any courses.

AFPA does not guarantee any job placement upon completion of certification programs. Gyms, facilities, and other employers are individually owned and operated, and AFPA does not guarantee employment or any specific outcomes.