Course Reinstatement



 Your request for an course reinstatement must be approved before submitting payment.

If your request for a course reinstatement has been approved, you may submit your payment here.

Your new course completion date will be twelve months from the original course completion date. 

If applicable, you will be responsible for any additional fees associated with online access to eBooks & learning platforms if your access has expired.

Course assignments are to be completed and submitted by the course reinstatement date.   

Please recall the following AFPA Enrollment Agreement regarding course completion:
Course Completion Requirements: AFPA has a six (6) month completion time to complete a single AFPA course. Courses are self-directed, self-study, and may be completed anytime within six (6) months of your enrollment date. You may request up to one (6) month extension beyond the original six (6) months for an additional extension fee of $75.00. Such requests must be received by email before the original six (6) month deadline and will be reviewed at AFPA’s discretion. The enrollment term starts from the date of your initial enrollment. AFPA must approve extensions beyond twelve (12) months from this original date of enrollment. If you have not earned your credentials after one year from the enrollment date, you are required to email AFPA for reinstatement details. If the course in which you are enrolled has been updated/changed or online access has expired, you will be required to pay the fee for these updates. There is a $249.00 reinstatement fee. AFPA reserves the right to update enrollment, shipping, extension, and reinstatement fees without notice.  If you have not earned your credentials after two years from the enrollment date, you will be required to enroll anew.  AFPA provides educational support through email, phone, and web-based services. Contact customer service at 1-609-978-7583 or 1-800-494-7782. Once you have completed the examination requirements and financial obligations, you will be issued your credentials.