Autoimmune Nutrition & Gut-Immune Connection

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8.0 CEC’s / Video Lecture / Quiz

Over the past few years, there has be an influx of information and research highlighting the importance of caring for our immune systems and the complexity of autoimmunity. Alongside this, we've also continued to learn how our microbiome and gut microbiota plays a critical role in building immune resilience, and why gut health is key to promoting long-term health and wellness.

Since our understanding of these topics is still evolving, it's important for nutrition, wellness, health coaching, and fitness professionals to understand the latest science of immunity, the microbiome, and how all of this science can help you provide more value to your clients.

In this 8.0 continuing education credit hour course with health educator, researcher, and nutrition scientist, Dr. Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP, you will learn:

  • How various food intolerances can lead to immune dysfunction
  • Why autoimmune disease is challenging for health and nutrition providers
  • Strategies for restoring the GI mucosal barrier and healing leaky gut
  • The most important micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals for immune health
  • Ways the microbiome and gut impact brain health, mood, and mental health
  • The impacts of stress on gut health and immune function
  • How the microbiome functions and why it's important for immunity
  • Why phytonutrients can foster gut microbiome resiliency