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AFPA offers a wide range of professional certifications in the fields of fitness, personal training, sports performance, holistic wellness and nutrition.

With AFPA certifications, you can get an initial education in a field and then move on to more advanced training that will help you deepen your knowledge or expand what you offer.

For example, you might earn a nutrition and wellness consultant certification, and then jump up to a master level certification as you begin to counsel clients. You could earn a personal trainer certification and then go after a weight loss specialist certification if you find that many of your clients are struggling with weight issues. You can also specialize in certain populations, such as youth or seniors.

Enroll today to increase your knowledge base and earning potential with a specialized AFPA certification!

  • AFPA Fitness Group Fitness Instructor Certification

    Group Fitness Instructor Certification

    $499.00 - $549.00
    Powerfully lead and develop dynamic fitness classes such as aerobics, bootcamp, sport conditioning, circuit training and more. Learn how to become a mentor and influence positive health changes for a variety of participants.
  • AFPA Fitness Pilates Instructor Mat Certification

    Pilates Fitness Instructor Certification

    MSRP: $599.00
    Teach Pilates at a world-class level. Discover the integrative fitness philosophy for developing core strength, losing weight, improving muscle tone and increasing mobility and effectively guide clients through this ultimate mind-body exercise.
  • AFPA Fitness Yoga Instructor Certification

    Yoga Instructor Certification

    MSRP: $599.00
    Build safe and challenging yoga sequences that incorporates linking breath with movement and meditation. Study classical Ashtanga and Hatha- helping students cultivate peace of mind and develop greater flexibility, strength and enhanced alignment.
  • AFPA Fitness Strength and Conditioning Certification

    Strength and Conditioning Certification

    Coach athletes on improving strength, endurance, speed and power. Discover how to craft custom resistance and sprint training programs to safely and effectively maximize performance for various sports and activities.