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AFPA Certification Renewal

Certification renewal is a process whereby the certified professional demonstrates on­going efforts to maintain and enhance the ability to perform in a competent manner. Certification renewal also assures the public that the certified professional remains committed to adhering to a code of ethics, and standards of practice. 

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Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education Requirements help to encourage and promote certified members to stay current and abreast of new research developments, practices, skills and education in their professional field.  Certified members who continue to develop and expand their range of knowledge and skills are those that are most capable of serving their clientele.  All certified members are expected to participate in a variety of activities related to their continued educational growth to assure the high degree of expertise in their field that is associated with their certification credentials.

To maintain current certification with AFPA, members are required to complete a specific number of Continuing Education Credits (CECs). 

The requirements are as follows:

  • Members must complete a minimum of 16.0 CECs or 16 contact hours of education related to their profession during the two year certification period from approved-provider courses from, but not limited to, AFPA, ACE, ACSM, ISSA, NASM, NATA-BOC, NSCA, NETA etc. and no more than one petitioned course.  AFPA permits its members to renew multiple certifications with the same 16.0 CEC’s provided the credits are earned during the two-year validity period of each credential submitted for renewal. 
  • Current CPR certification (for fitness, personal trainers, mind body certifications) 

Qualifying Courses

AFPA recognizes the following for continuing education credit.

  • AFPA Certification 
  • Workshops, Seminars and Conferences
  • Home-study or Correspondence Courses
  • Online Quizzes
  • Publications
  • College or University Courses
  • Program/Course Development
  • Petition

1.     AFPA Certification Programs

If you complete a AFPA Certification program it is worth 16.0 CEC’s and may be applied toward your renewal of an existing AFPA certification.  To qualify as continuing education credits (CEC’s) the certification course must be successfully completed and credential issued. 

2. Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

CEC’s for this type of course vary by the number of approved contact hours. Requirements include:  1) Attendance of course; 2)  Certificate of Completion;  3)  Application for Petition if the course does not offer CEC’s. 

3.  Home-study or Correspondence Courses

These courses may be delivered on CD-ROM, video, online, text or in any combination of these options. CEC’s vary by course and requirements include:  1)Testing process; 2)Certificate of Completion; 3) Application for Petition if the course does not offer CEC’s.

4.  Online Quizzes

Members of AFPA can access interactive online quizzes about information covered on our Web site. From regular newsletters to supplemental articles, research reviews and more, our members will discover cutting-edge technique in the industry’s hottest topics. Home-study (online). 

5.  Credit for Publications

Credit may be claimed for the authoring and the one-time publication of related articles, chapter, book, or other educational material. The document must have been written since the individual last received certification/ re-certification.  Documents written in conjunction with other writers are acceptable and will be awarded credit on a prorated basis.  The co-author will receive half of the CEC’s awarded.  The publication must be a minimum of 1,000 words and in a widely- recognized publication in the fitness, nutrition and health profession. The applicant should indicate the number of hours it took to write the document. The applicant must submit a copy of the article with the application.  CEC’s granted only upon review of the published work.  A maximum of eight credit hours may be claimed for publications.

6.  College or University Courses

Members may submit post-certification college- or university-level courses in a related field for CEC approval in any two-year certification period. One college course worth three credits is equivalent to 3.0 CEC’s.
Requirements include:

  • Courses must fall within a related field. Examples include, but not limited to:
Anatomy, Sport Psychology, Physiology, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology
Sport Management, Kinesiology, Sport Fitness, Biomechanics
Strength and Conditioning, Group Fitness when applicable – Yoga, Pilates, Aquatics, Kickboxing; general education courses are not acceptable towards AFPA recertification requirements.
  • Copy of college transcript must be included with application (copy of unofficial transcript is acceptable) 
  • CEC’s granted only upon AFPA review and approval.

7.  Credit for Program Or Course Development

Credit is given for the one-time development and implementation of a program. This would include the development of a program or course within a formal training program. Additionally, one-time seminars and workshops are included in this category.  In cases where an applicant submits for program or course development for credit, the applicant must obtain documentation from his/her employer or organization regarding (1) title of program/course taught, (2) program/course description and/or syllabus, (3) number of contact hours program/course taught, and (4) dates taught.  Self-employed individuals who teach must be able to document (1) the program/course title, (2) program/course description and/or syllabus, (3) description of the target audience, (4) number of contact hours taught, (5) dates taught.  A maximum of eight credit hours may be claimed for program/course development.

8.  Petition Process

Members may petition AFPA for approval of a course during the two year certification period. To petition a course for approval, members must provide the following required materials:

  • Complete copy of course materials including the following: 
    • Referenced Material: A scientifically referenced text, presentation or handout is required of all courses (including live workshops).
    • Course Objectives: All courses must detail specific outcomes for the student.
    • Lesson Plan: All courses must consist of a lesson plan that guides the student through the course (not applicable for live workshops).
    • Testing Process: All courses must provide a means for student evaluation (attendance at a live course is sufficient).
  • Grade transcript for college- or university-level courses

Approved Providers

While AFPA offers more than 200 certification and continuing-education courses, we recognize that other leaders in the industry also offer valuable information that meets our strict criteria.

Any organization offering credits for continuing education courses related to fitness, health and/or nutrition would be acceptable towards AFPA recertification requirements.  A copy of a CEC/CEU validation form such as a Certificate of Completion or similar showing your name, the name of the course completed, the date completed and the number of approved credit hours for the course completed must be attached to your AFPA Certification Renewal Application as a part of the required documentation.

Organizations, conferences and individuals that offer continuing education credits from the following organizations are recognized by AFPA for CEC’s toward recertification requirements: AFPA, ACE, AFAA, ACSM, NASM, NSCA, NETA, Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research (CIAR), ISSA, NATA.  If one or more of these organizations is listed as a CEC/CEU provider for a workshop you may apply the credits toward your AFPA certification renewal requirements without submitting an AFPA CEC Petition Application.  If AFPA is listed as a CEC/CEU provider, on your AFPA Certification Renewal Application you would list AFPA as the provider and note the applicable AFPA credits for the workshop.  If AFPA is not shown as a CEC/CEU provider you may use whichever one organization gives the highest credit e.g. if ACE approves a workshop for .8 credits (8.0 for AFPA purposes) and AFAA approves the course for 7 credit hours on your AFPA Certification Renewal Application you would list ACE as the provider to receive 8.0 CEC’s.  A copy of a CEC/CEU validation form such as a Certificate of Completion or similar showing your name, the name, date and location of the workshop and the number of approved credit hours for the workshop must be attached to your AFPA Certification Renewal Application as a part of the required documentation.

In addition to the above AFPA accepts continuing education credits from Cross Country Education, TRX Training, YMCA, Zumba etc courses/workshops if CEC's/CEU's are indicated.  A copy of a CEC/CEU validation form such as a Certificate of Completion or similar showing your name, the name, date and location of the workshop and the number of approved credit hours for the workshop must be attached to your AFPA Certification Renewal Application as a part of the required documentation. 

If the provider is not listed as an accepted CEC provider and does not indicate continuing education credits for a course and/or workshop submission of a completed AFPA CEC Petition Application would be necessary to determine if and how many CEC's would be granted for a course/workshop; all courses/workshops must be related to fitness, health and/or nutrition.

Each certified professional will be notified by email to their email address of record approximately three months prior to certification expiration.  Certification renewal reminders are a courtesy and are not guaranteed.

It is the sole responsibility of each certified professional to notify the AFPA office of name and/or address changes and/or other contact information changes, to be aware of the expiration date of their certification or certifications, to become familiar with AFPA renewal procedures and requirements and to know when to apply for certification renewal.
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