Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription



16.0 CECs / Book / Quiz

With new information, expanded chapters, and an array of ancillary materials, this text will serve as a unique resource for both students and practitioners. Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription, Fifth Edition, provides a well-balanced approach to the assessment of physical fitness and the design of exercise programs, addressing cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular fitness, body weight and composition, and flexibility. Two chapters are dedicated to each of these fitness components: one on assessment, followed by one on exercise prescription. The text is reflective of updates made in the seventh edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, and it is expanded to include new or updated information on the following areas:

  • Maximal and submaximal graded exercise testing in healthy populations, including treadmill and cycle ergometer ramp protocols
  • Muscular fitness testing protocols and norms for children and adults
  • Field tests and norms for evaluating the cardiorespiratory fitness, functional strength, and flexibility of older adults
  • Guidelines for developing periodized resistance training programs for novice, intermediate, and advanced lifters
  • Physical activity and exercise recommendations for health benefits, weight loss, and weight maintenance

Both students and practitioners will benefit from the multidisciplinary approach used in this book. It synthesizes concepts, principles, and theories based on research in exercise physiology, kinesiology, measurement, psychology, and nutrition to provide a direct and clear-cut approach to physical fitness assessment and exercise prescription. Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription, Fifth Edition includes pedagogical tools such as key questions at the beginning of each chapter, key points, review questions, and key terms.